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This division helps patients having Head and Neck cancer to get effective cancer care before and after radiation therapy or surgery procedure. This division plays an important role in expediting the diagnosis, detection and treatment of oral cancer. The division has its own projects and research programs for pre and post radiation oral care and pre and post surgical Maxillo Facial Prosthesis applications. The division functions six days in a week excluding sundays. Majority of the patients are referred to this division by the Division of Radiotherapy and other concerned departments of the centre for the required treatment. The following are the highlights of Activities:-

1. Minor Operations.
2. Dental Extractions
3. Oral prophylaxis
4. Conservative therapy
5. Occlusal adjustments
6. Preparation of bite blocks and moulds
7. Preparation of maxillofacial Prosthesis
8. Management of pre cancerous and other oral lesions.
9. Pre and Post radiation Oral care.

The division is committed to provide total oral care for the Oral Cancer patients, who experience issues leading to radiation or surgical complications. The department has many ongoing projects and research work for developing new techniques. Of these projects and research work, the Pre and Post radiation Oral care is very important.

The Pre and Post radiation Oral care was newly implemented after many research and formulations in the year 1996 in the Division of Dental Care. From the research and on going studies, it is observed that post-radiation oral problems are the main issues with cancer patients after radiation and they develop into complications if not treated at the proper time. After radiation treatment, patients who are suffering from cancer of the oral cavity, upper part of oesophagus, lower part of the nasopharyux, maxillary sinuses, parotid gland are some of the large list of cases experiencing complications and require specific and acute attention of oral care. Before the implementation of this special program, to avoid these complications after radiation, total extraction of teeth was usually resorted.

We understand you more than anyone regarding cancer related problems and it was in this context, that the Division of Dental Care contemplated developing a preventive program to tackle these problems by implementing Pre and Post radiation Care, especially in young patients with bright future. This included the introduction of new formulated fluoride therapy along with other treatments for treating patients according to age and the degree of complication.

A primary diagnosis of radiation complication of teeth starts with severe sensitivity to hot and cold, dental caries, pain, sharp teeth, chipping of enamel of teeth etc. Osteoradionecosis may occur in some cases.

The Pre and Post radiation Care is recommended to cover the following
1) Extraction of non salvagable teeth
2) Oral prophylaxis
3) Conservative dental therapy
4) Preparation of Vinyl Fluoride Carriers
5) Formulated Fluoride Therapy and its Applications.
6) A periodic diagnosis and good dental follow –up program

The department strongly believes and assures that with adequate patient education and their co-operation, the oral radiation complication problems can be completely eliminated with Pre and Post radiation Care. The duration and effectiveness of the treatment depends upon the responsiveness and time taken to improve the oral health in each patient.

Preparation of Maxillofacial Prosthesis is another important treatment.
Here, after cancer surgery, eg: Hemimandibiletoncy, maxillectoncy, deformities of the nose, buccal mucosa, lose of nose, eye, ear, fingures of hand, etc. where plastic surgery fails or the patient may be very weak so that the surgery cannot be done or the patient cannot afford the expenses of the surgery, Maxillofacial Prosthetic helps them to correct their deformities upto a certain extend.

Maxillofacial Prosthetic can be prepared with a very low expensive plastic like materials viz: Acrlylic, silicon or cyanoacrylate. We are commonly using acrylic. Maxillofacial Prosthesis treatment gives no pain, no need of surgery to fix it. It is less expensive.

Maxillofacial Prosthesis appliances include:

1) Obturaor
2) Guiding flange
3) Artificial Nose
4) Artificial Ear
5) Artificial Eyes
6) Artificial Eyeballs and Eyelids
7) Lips with and without mostash
8) Artificial cheek
9) Fingers of hand and leg
10) Parts of hand
11) Noselift in deformities of nose
12) Vaginal moulds
13) Gunning splints
14) Keloid compression splints
15) Cap splints etc…

Other activities like management of precancerous and other oral lesions include Leukoplakia, OSF, Lichenplanus etc. Monthly checkup is also conducted to asses the condition of patients who are under treatment.

The acute necessity for oral care was recognised earlier by the Regional Cancer Centre and the Division of Dental Care but was established in the year 1996. This department regularly conducts training programs for the new generation dentists and pathologists to equip them to identify and further diagnosis early oral cancer detection and patient education in the society.

The division plays along with all other divisions of the Regional Cancer Centre to reach new horizons of healthcare in Cancer Care and Treatment.

The Division of Dental Care is headed by specialist:

Assoc. Professor Dr. K.R. Nalinakumari MDS [Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology]

You can contact us at:

Office Address:

Dr. K. R. Nalinakumari Contact No: +91- 471- 252 2307 (Hospital)
Assoc. Professor & Head                    +91- 471- 244 5181, 557 7497 (Res.)
Division of Dental Care                     Cell No: +91-944 724 7337
Regional Cancer Centre,                   Fax No: +91-471-244 7454
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