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Hardware :
                    Xeon Servers - 8 Nos
                    Pentium IV Server - 2 Nos.
                    AMD Opteron Server - 1 Nos.
                    Personal Computers - 250
                    Thin clients - 80
                    Structured cabling connecting the entire campus with 400 access                      points.

                     Application Server - Oracle 10 g
                     Database - Oracle 10 g
                     Reports - Oracle Reports
                     Operating Systems - Enterprise Linux 3.0, Windows 2003,
                     Windows 2000, Windows XP
                     Office Tools - Microsoft Office 2000, Office XP
                     Webserver - Apache
                     MailServer - Sendmail
                     Statistical - Stata Release 8
                     Virus Scanner - Trend Micro Client Server Security

Hospital Information System (HIS):

The main objective is to develop and implement a comprehensive hospital information system (HIS). The aim of HIS is to use a network of computers to collect, process and retrieve patient care and administrative information from various departments for all hospital activities to satisfy the functional requirement of the users. It also helps as a decision support system for the management for developing comprehensive health care policies.

ONCO-HIS Modules

          New Registration
          ADT (Admission/Discharge/Transfer)
          OP and IP Billing

                    Consultation notes
                    Case sheet images
                    Service ordering and scheduling
                    Reports viewer

          Chemotherapy Management and scheduling
          Radiotherapy Management and scheduling
          Surgical scheduling and management
          Laboratory Information System

                   Clinical Laboratory
                   Imageology (Radiology)
                   Nuclear medicine
          Ward Management
          Purchase & Central Store
          Discharge Summary
          Service Ordering and scheduling
          Medical Records Management

                    Equipment tracking
                    Complaints monitoring
                    AMC Management
          Office Management System

                    HR Management
                    Payroll & I-T Management
                    Financial Accounting

Web Services

Provides Internet and email access to all divisions of this center and to academic staff. RCC is having One Mbps leased line connection from BSNL.

Tele-Medicine Applications


Patients returning home after treatment at the RCC can communicate their post treatment problems and results of investigations from nodal centers. The doctors at RCC could also be able to render advice on a real time basis for terminally ill patients who require only palliative care.

Besides helping patients, by avoiding hospital visits, the online facility will boost the confidence of the cancer patients by providing counseling. Apart from RCC patients, the public as well as doctors of other institutions can also avail themselves of ONCONET services.


An intranet works just like a public Internet site, made up of web pages but only employees and other authorized people can use it.

As other intranet sites, ours support web services, including e-mail, FTP, threaded discussion boards, document posting, and scheduling.
Through RCC-INTRANET we hosted digital library, institutional news service, staff search, personal information of staff like, leave, salary, tax planner etc and downloads. Through the digital library we archived 200 CDs and has an online access to 58 journals.

Cancer Registry Network

The Hospital Cancer Registry and Population Based Cancer Registries are fully computerized and online data entry and searching facility is available on intranet.

Other Activities

Apart from this the division is providing guidance to the B.Tech, MCA and BSc (Computer Science) students of various colleges for their final year project work.

Projects undertaken

1. CancerNET – Internet based telemedicine project connecting RCC and its     5 nodal centers for patient follow-up and early detection. Funded by Ministry     of  IT, Govt. of India. 65 lakhs (2000).

2. OncoNET – cancer care for Rural Masses - Total outlay of the project is     235 lakhs, Ministry of IT; Govt. of India contributed 179 lakhs, 36 lakhs from     ISRO in terms of VSAT connectivity & satellite bandwidth and 20 lakhs by     RCC. C-DAC, Trivandrum and ISRO are providing technical assistance for     the implementation.

Neelima NSystems Manager
Rajesh PSystems Analyst
Shaji JSystems Analyst
Pradeep ChandranJunior Systems Analyst
Basil VargheseJunior Systems Analyst
Suseela DeviData Entry Operator Gr II









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