Guide lines for visiting students/faculty from out side for doing project work or undergoing training/observership in various divisions of the RCC.


(1)               An application in the prescribed format available at Regional Cancer Centre website/office is to be submitted to the Registrar, Regional Cancer Centre. The application should be accompanied by sponsorship letter of the concerned authority and other necessary documents.

(2)               The candidate should remit the necessary fees as fixed in Annexure I. The fees remitted shall not be returned to the candidate under any circumstances.

(3)               The candidate will have access to the following facilities Canteen, Library reference, participation in General Academic forums like Tumour Board, Journal Club, CME etc.

(4)               Candidates for short-term training shall be named as academic trainees/academic guests. They would be allotted identifications cards with attested photographs affixed. They are to produce the identification card for verification by Security, Library, Canteen staff or any other supervisory staff of the Regional Cancer Centre

(5)               An attendance register should be maintained in the division concerned to ensure that the candidate has successfully completed the training period. If attendance is found to be inadequate the training period can be extended at the discretion of the concerned department.

(6)               A post training evaluation is to be done before issuing the certificate. Certificate shall be issued by the Registrar only after getting the concurrence from the Head of division stating that the candidate has successfully completed the training.

(7)               A Synopsis of the work done by each candidate shall be a pre-requisite for the completion certificate.

(8)               The data of the project work done in RCC cannot be published in any journal unless the RCC guide agrees. However the data can be used for submission of their project to the respective colleges/university. Such reports should also be signed by the guide of the Regional Cancer Centre.