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Resouces & Facilities


           Library has always accorded high priority for subscription to journals. Libray has an extensive collection of journals on specialised areas in medicine with a thrust on oncology and allied areas. Since the comprehensive information is also vital in healthcare, we are at our best to procure the latest books in the relevant areas.

           As of January 2009, we have the following information resources in hardcopy form.

                      Books                                                          :  6200
                      Bound Volumes                                            :  5050
                      Current journal                                             :  120
                      Reprints and reports                                     :  5800
                      Theses                                                         :  200

           The electronic information materials available include fulltext journals, books, conference proceedings, theses, protocols, reprints, bibliographies, databases, etc.

Computer/Network and other infrastructure

            Library maintains a sub-LAN which inturn is connected to the campus LAN. All PC’s in the library are with internet access.

            In the context of Information Technology adopotion, our infrastructural facilities include:

                      Servers (in Windows & Linux)                       :  2
                      Workstations                                                 :  8
                      Printers (Laser, Dotmatrix, and Barcode)       :  5
                      Scanners                                                       :  2
                      Barcode readers                                            :  1
                      Laptop                                                          :  1

            In order to provide reprographic and other support services, Library has acquired the following equipments also.

                      Photcopiers                                                   :  2
                      Laminating Machine                                       :  1
                      Comb binding machine                                   :  1
                      LCD projectors                                             :  2

            In order to supplement the information resources and services, regular contacts have been established with National and International agenices namely National Medical Library (India), Tata Memorial Hospital, NISCAIR, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and World Health Organisation.

Inter Library Loan:

            Books and journal articles not available with us can be obtained from other library collections or commercial vendors like DELNET upon request. The ILL requests can be made in person, over phone or via email. Postal and photocopying expenses shall be born by the intenders.

Photocopying services

            Copying of materials without copyright infringement is allowed. Equipments of latest configuration are installed for this purpose. There are separate tariff for copying for external and internal users. The photocopying division works till 4.30 pm on all working days.

Literature search services:

            Assistance is provided by library professionals in the conduct of literature search for users. The search results are delivered either as hardcopy form or as electronic form to user’s desktops. The online subscription to major databases, full text access to journals and other digital materials help us in the conduct information search services.

Services available through Intranet

            The capabilities of intranet are effectively utilized in the delivery of information services from library. A ‘logging on’ to the RCC Intranet shall inform the authorized user with the following.

  • Current contents (Content pages recently arrived journals).
  • New Arrivals (List of books on display)
  • Conference alert (List of forthcoming conferences, meetings, workshops etc)
  • Reprint list (Repints recently accessioned)
  • OncoNews (News paper clippings related to oncology & allied subjects)
  • Current Journals (List of Journals currently under subscription)
  • Search (Online Library Catalogue search.)



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