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1. Choose predominantly Plant based diets rich in fruits and Vegetables

2. Eat 400-800 grams a day of a variety of vegetables and fruits

3. It is preferable to eat fish and poultry. If eaten at all , limit intake of red     meat.   Do not eat charred food.

4. Limit consumption of fatty foods. Choose modest amounts of      vegetable oils

5. Limit consumption of salted foods and use of cooking oil. Store      perishable     foods in ways that minimize fungal contamination.

6. Women has to practice regular self breast examination every month      and  mammography if indicated.

7. All women who had initiated Sexual activity has to undergo regular     Cervical   Smear (Pap smear) Screening.

8.Do not smoke or chew tobacco. Alcohol Consumption is not     recommended.

9. Avoid being underweight or overweight.

10.If occupation activity is low, take an hours brisk walk or similar     exercise daily.



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