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 Cancer Care for Life scheme (3rd series) is a scheme sponsored by Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum to provide advanced cancer treatment free of cost to all those who join the scheme upto a prescribed limit. When the scheme was introduced in 1986 membership fee was kept at the barest minimum Rs.101/- and later it was raised to Rs.500/-. As there was enormous escalation in cost of medicines, diagnostic procedures and treatment modalities, the enrolment in the scheme had to be discontinued. The center has now revived the scheme with slight modifications in deference to requests from the public. In this scheme there are two Plans, plan-A and plan-B.


Plan A: Membership fee is Rs. 500/- per person
              Rs. 1400/- per family of three persons *
              Rs. 1700/- per family of four persons *
              Rs. 2000/- per family of five persons *


Plan-B : Membership fee is Rs.10000/- per person.


Plan-A: In the event of getting cancer, the center is committed to provide to those who join the scheme standard diagnostic and treatment facilities in the Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum upto the value 100 times the membership fee viz.Rs.50,000/-. This includes cost of medicine, expenses for stay, at the rates prescribed charges for diagnostic investigations, Radiation, Surgery, other procedures etc. and charges for General Ward levied by the center as for paying category patients at the time of taking treatment.

Plan-B: If necessary will be referred to other centers in India also and is Rs.5,00,000/- upper limit for the value of medical treatment made available.


The scheme is open to all Indian citizens who are not already cancer patients. The scheme benefits accrue two years after enrolment.


Application forms can be got from the R.C.C or the designated bank in Kerala.
By Just paying the membership fee at any branch of the designated bank in Kerala, along with the prescribed application any one can be enrolled.
The membership fee will be once in-a-life payment with no annual premium.
To facilitate quick and easy enrolment, applicants will not be subjected to any medical check up.

A membership card with a number will subsequently be issued to each member for identification by the center.


Membership is non-refundable, non-transferable and valid for life.


  Out patient treatment
  In patient treatment
   Thorough case investigation
   Radiation therapy
   Re-imbursement of expenses for stay as per the rules of the  Regional Cancer  Centre,        during treatment in Trivandrum
    Psychological, Social and Vocational counseling


The Executive Committee of the Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum Manages the scheme. The Controller of Finance of the Society is the Executive Officer.

The Executive Committee has the authority to issue directives on the utilization of funds for the welfare of members suffering from cancer and for augmenting the existing facilities for the general welfare of all cancer patients in the state.


Regional Cancer Centre is a referral hospital. Members have to report with a referral letter from a registered modern medicine practitioner. Cost of treatment in other hospitals before reporting to the center will not be reimbursed. Scheme will not cover ailments other than cancer. In-patient facility will not include accommodation in pay wards. Patients have to pay rent for their stay in the pay wards. Membership in the scheme will not cover free check up for early detection of cancer .However a detection clinic functioning in the center offers check up at a registration fee of Rs.100/- (Present rate). Advance intimation of date of visit is required to arrange rail travel concession. Any member who has taken treatment earlier will not be entitled to any benefits irrespective of his enrolment . Decision of the specialists of the center regarding treatment will be final.


Reference from the center for treatment in Hospitals outside Kerala, will not be covered by the scheme. If it becomes necessary it has to be at patient’s own cost. The scheme will not cover Bone-marrow transplantation treatment. Pay ward charges, cost of treatment outside Kerala and expenses for Bone-marrow transplantation treatment will not be adjusted from or covered up to the monetary limit for providing free treatment by the center. Cost of treatment in Hospitals within Kerala will be reimbursed only if it is arranged by the center.


Reference to other centers for treatment will be as per the decision of the panel of specialists of the center.


Cancer can strike any one of us, any time. When it strikes, our life is in danger. But we can take the sting away from the disease by enrolling today itself as a member of this scheme. It is a Social Welfare Scheme.


If membership is applied through an Agent, the fee has to be by Cheque/DD in favour of Cancer Care for Life Account. Receipt issued by the Bank is the only valid acknowledgement of payment of membership fee. Payment in cash to the Agent will be at the risk of the applicant.



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