Bauer Nutrition review 2019 – Full testimonial

Bauer Nutrition could be like a kind of online pharmacy. It is a company that is regulated by the American FDA and is recognized as such.

Several products are marketed by this company, both for weight loss, support for athletes and a better diet for them, as well as for general health or even some products designed to improve the beauty of everyone.

These products are only available on their website.

All categories of people will be able to find their happiness, except individuals who unfortunately have illnesses, pregnant women or breastfeeding women where it is necessary to ask a doctor for information.

Bauer Nutrition strives to be as transparent as possible. The list of ingredients is presented and accessible to all those who wish to do so.
We will present in depth Bauer Nutrition and their products. We will give you our general opinion on this online pharmacy as a conclusion.

What is Bauer Nutrition?

Bauer Nutrition is a company owned by Wolfson Berg Limited. It has been in existence for several years now.

They have many facilities and laboratories that are fully compliant with FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) standards. It is an administration of the highest importance that makes it possible to authorize or not products for sale on the American market, but also internationally.

Having the FDA’s approval to sell such products is a great sign of trust. Bauer Nutrition’s formulas are often patented to protect them from potential competitors who would like to accept their merit and benefit.

Their concern is not to sell bad products, but to ensure that all products made available to Internet users are of good quality and can provide them with results to achieve their multiple and diverse objectives from one party to another. Customer satisfaction is their basis. That’s the key.

The people who work at Bauer Nutrition every day are nutrition specialists, but that’s not all. We will find health experts, in the form of consultants, who carefully study all the information in this product. The ingredients must be carefully cared for and respectful of human health. The absence of side effects is a dominant factor not to be overlooked. There are sports professionals who are included in the teams in order to find out their points of view, particularly in terms of sports nutrition and to find the most appropriate formula for them.

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Ordering from Bauer Nutrition also means finding tips on how to use these products wisely and without risk to your health.

Nevertheless, one important data will be specified: Bauer Nutrition is not a magician. While their products are persuasive and convincing, it is important to remember that a healthy lifestyle is essential to achieve results. Without it, you will not get results. And you won’t be able to say “their pills don’t work”, which is something we hear too often. As if the magic pill would reduce fat, by playing FIFA games at the console and eating pizzas almost every day. You have to agree to change your lifestyle to optimize these results, no matter what goal you want to achieve. We did the test while continuing to eat a balanced diet and do sports sessions at least three times a week.

What will you find at Bauer Nutrition?

At Bauer Nutrition, we have 4 main product categories. We will have weight loss, sports nutrition, general health and beauty.


In the beauty category, there are about ten products with different properties. We’re going to have YouTonics Skin whose goal is to delay skin aging, a product for the eyelids and allow them not to wrinkle too much or even elements for hair growth.

Other elements are present to fight against the presence of dark circles, and the appearance of grey hair. For women, there is even an article that is designed to improve the quality of the breast and increase its size. This is an important criterion for some, and Bauer Nutrition allows you to do it.

General health

Food supplements are also numerous in the “General Health” category. Vitamins and other supplements are there to improve muscle healing, to have more beautiful and elastic skin or to no longer have difficulty digesting.

Supplements are available to improve the quality of your sleep. It is a daily struggle for many individuals who wake up in the morning, completely tired. It is very frequent and unfortunate. It can happen to anyone. Herbal sleeping pills are there to help you feel better and sleep when you lie down in bed. There is no dangerous risk to your body.

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People suffering from deficiencies will be able to take special boxes, such as magnesium, iron, vitamin B…

Sports nutrition

The third category of Bauer Nutrition is for athletes. They need to have a healthy and well-balanced diet. Only a little help never killed anyone. We will find food supplements that are there to reduce the presence of body fat throughout the body. Other items will stimulate the body to produce more substances, such as amino acids.

Bauer Nutrition provides people with food supplements that are there to improve performance and muscle mass. Athletes are often looking for the best for their health and also to achieve their goals more quickly. With Bauer Nutrition, they can do it. We found creatine that is there to improve all energy levels in the body. In this way, he will be able to easily link sports sessions and promote recovery, which is beneficial.

Weight loss

Finally, the last category of products we find will be for weight loss. Several formulas are available such as carbohydrate blockers, fat binders, appetite suppressants, fat burners, calorie burners, metabolism boosters and capsules for the cure and internal cleansing of the body. This is the case with Capsilex, which contains an ingredient that has been scientifically studied to ensure the benefits of this nutrient.

Everything is studied to allow an overweight individual to have everything he needs. He will benefit from a complete food supplement that will fully meet his needs.

Advantages of buying on Bauer Nutrition

Why buy food supplements from Bauer Nutrition?

  • First of all, because it is a company that has had the FDA’s approval to market their products worldwide. The clinical tests have been conducted and are formal: they are not dangerous to human health.
  • Bauer Nutrition also means having competent and qualified people on the teams. Each individual can effectively manage his or her work and contribute to the company’s growth.
  • It is also an online store that does not target a single market, but several, with health, beauty, nutrition for athletes and overweight people who want to lose weight quickly.
  • In addition to active customer service, the products offered are perfectly suited for small budgets. We really recommend them!
  • The products are certified by the FDA and the GMP, two US health authorities known worldwide.
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Discount and promo code on Bauer Nutrition

Several promotions are available at Bauer Nutrition! We find attractive offers that we don’t have from other competitors as if you bought three boxes and you can have three for free. If you only buy two, then there will be a free box.

In the first offer, this amounts to a colossal saving of 160€. In the second case, we end up with a saving of 55€.

How to place an order and delivery on Bauer Nutrition?

To buy a product from Bauer Nutrition, you must go to the brand’s website, which is in French, choose your product, then make the purchase. All available credit cards are accepted.

The delivery times are very correct and fast. LaPoste will be responsible for supplying all the products.

Is Bauer Nutrition a reliable site?

Yes, he is reliable. It is secure and hosted on Amazon servers, which guarantees that they are truly serious. During our purchases, we did not have any technical problems and the order arrived safely.

Review on Bauer Nutrition from users of the sOur opinion on Bauer Nutrition France

Bauer Nutrition France is a reliable value on which we rely. Their products are of very good quality and we are satisfied with them.
This online pharmacy has everything to please. We are satisfied with this.

It will meet several needs and the ingredients of the products are carefully studied. Having an online store that is authorized to market their products worldwide through the FDA is a real plus! Trust in Bauer Nutrition is higher and more important.