Pills to get an erection: the 10 best products

In other times, erectile dysfunction was a taboo and unthinkable subject… That a man didn’t have sexual desire all the time was strange and even hard to believe. But with all the inventions, technologies and new options, male sexual performance disorders are progressively ceasing to be a problem, to be just a common and easy to treat inconvenience that can be presented to any man.

In the market there are numerous alternatives for each case, but certainly there are options that simply stand out from the others for their incredible advantages, competitive prices, guaranteed efficiency and satisfaction on the part of its users. Here’s everything you need to know about the best products to get an erection that exist today, both natural and synthetic: advantages of each, presentations, prices, and everything you need to know before making an informed choice.

Top 4 of the best pills to get erection through online pharmacies:

Viagra: Viagra (Sildenafil) is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction, marketed and widely distributed since 1998 with resounding success among men who wish to treat these disorders of sexual performance. Its onset of action is usually 30 minutes to an hour after taking. It belongs to the group of phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors, which act by increasing blood flow to the vessels of the penis getting a satisfactory erection.

Available presentation: 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg oral tablets.


  • Commercialized and issued since 1998, it was the first medicine of its kind to be used for erectile dysfunction. It has much more experience in the market, and testimonials of efficacy that endorse its effects.
  • Its onset of action can be from 30 minutes of ingestion, but on average taking it an hour before the sexual encounter guarantees a satisfactory erection.
  • It only works with sexual stimulation, and does not produce spontaneous erections.
  • Its effectiveness, although similar to the drugs in its group, has been shown to be slightly higher than others.

Price: The price per tablet may vary depending on factors such as the concentration of the tablet, and the amount of tablets present in the box.

Price of Viagra 25 mg: Prices ranging from € 2.97 to € 13.36 per tablet, in boxes from 4 to 120 tablets.

Price of Viagra 50 mg: Prices ranging from € 13.40 to € 14.41 per tablet, in boxes from 2 to 8 tablets.

Viagra price of 100 mg mg: Prices ranging from € 3.58 to € 9.35 per tablet, in boxes from 4 to 120 tablets.

Cialis: Cialis (Tadalafil) is a medication for erectile dysfunction, with onset of action at 30 minutes and duration of up to 36 hours. It belongs to the group of drugs inhibitors of phosphodiesterase 5, which act by increasing blood flow to the vessels of the penis getting an erection satisfactory.

Available presentation: Film-coated tablets of 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg and 40 mg, in boxes containing from 10 to 360 tablets.


Cialis has a rapid onset of action, taking only 30 minutes to an hour before sexual activity.

It is the only medication in its group that guarantees the duration of the effect of up to 36 hours.

Many patients prefer it for its duration, and do not have to take it daily or expose themselves to annoying side effects.

He has years of market experience to back him up.

It has a successful penetration rate after taking more than 70%.

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Price: The price per tablet may vary depending on factors such as the concentration of the tablet, and the number of tablets present in the box.

Cialis price of 2.5 mg: Prices ranging from € 1.19 to € 2.89 per tablet, in boxes from 10 to 360 tablets.

Price of Cialis 5 mg: Prices ranging from € 1.82 to € 3.46 per tablet, in boxes from 10 to 360 tablets.

Price of Cialis 10 mg: Prices ranging from € 1.91 to € 4.54 per tablet, in boxes from 10 to 360 tablets.

Price of Cialis 20 mg: Prices ranging from € 2.10 to € 6.36 per tablet, in boxes from 10 to 360 tablets.

Price of Cialis 40 mg: Prices ranging from € 3.57 to € 6.45 per tablet, in boxes from 10 to 120 tablets.

Levitra: the trade name of Vardenafil, a compound used in Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Presentation: It is available in film-coated oral tablets and as 5, 10mg and 20mg orodispersible tablets in boxes ranging from 10 to 360 tablets. Orally, they should be taken 25 to 60 minutes before sexual intercourse; the oral-dispersible tablet is taken without water approximately 60 minutes before sexual activity.


  • It has a rapid onset of action, 25 to 30 minutes after taking it.
  • It is very well tolerated by patients, being one of the drugs in this group of which fewer side effects are reported due to its high selectivity in the body.
  • Levitra has a unique presentation in the market of buccodispersible tablets, which dissolve on contact with saliva, and with which it is not necessary to drink water to be absorbed.
  • It has a rate of successful sexual encounters after the intake of 65 to 80%.

Price: The price per tablet varies depending on the box with the amount of tablets purchased.

Levitra 5 mg: prices range from € 0.69 to € 1.75 per tablet.

Levitra 10 mg: prices ranging from € 1.02 to € 1.82 per tablet.

Levitra 20 mg: prices ranging from € 1.46 to € 2.98 per tablet.

Spedra: Spedra (Avanafil) is a new drug indicated for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction, the most innovative and best tolerated in the group of phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors. It has a start of action that can even be as early as 15 minutes after taking.

Presentation available: film-coated oral tablets for oral intake, 50 mg, 100 mg, and 200 mg, in boxes containing 10 to 120 tablets.


  • It has an innovative and more modern formula, with respect to the medicines of its group.
  • It is very well tolerated by patients, for the selectivity of its components and fewer side effects associated with taking.
  • It has a very fast onset of action of only 15 minutes.
  • High rates of effectiveness and successful penetration.

Price: The price of Spedra per tablet may vary depending on the quantity of tablets in the box, whether Spedra is purchased online or if Spedra is purchased in a pharmacy.

Price of cheap Spedra 50 mg: prices ranging from € 3.48 to € 4.12 per tablet.

Price of cheap Spedra 100 mg: prices ranging from € 3, 75 to € 4.58 per tablet.

Price of cheap Spedra 200 mg: prices ranging from € 4.15 to € 5.23 per tablet.

Products for erection: our opinion

Although each organism is different in terms of its tolerance, its needs, and the effects it may have after taking certain medications, the 4 products presented (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Spedra) certainly have as many advantages, considerable percentages of satisfied customers, and significant improvements in successful penetrations that have made a name for themselves as the best products currently on the market for treating erectile dysfunction.

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In our opinion, each of them is so effective in its mechanism of action that choosing between them the ideal option to improve sexual performance depends more on what the user is looking for than on whether one of them is better than the other.

Depending on factors such as the onset of action and desired duration, whether a product is preferred for its innovative and modern features or for the reputation it has made for itself through years in the market, the presentation that fits the demand, and others, there is a broad base of options with similar rates of effectiveness waiting with transparency to make an informed decision between guaranteed pills to get an erection.

Prescription pills and online, watch out!

As drugs with specific indications, risks and safety warnings, treatments for erectile dysfunction often require a doctor’s prescription. However, with the new online shopping modality, reliable sites authorized to sell them can offer the service of a professional physician via the web without the need to go to the pharmacy or even to a prior consultation, thereby selling the product.

Just by answering a few questions about medical history, previous pathologies and if you know how to take the product, you can get pills to get an erection without a prescription.

Natural alternatives for strong erections:

Drugs such as those presented above are effective and highly recommended, but there are certain occasions when users do not wish to acquire complex chemicals that may cause adverse effects, or simply have contraindications for them. In these cases, or simply for those who prefer the natural, there are 100% pure alternatives that have also proven to have excellent results when it comes to producing an erection.

Top 3 of the best pills to get natural erection without prescription:

Male Extra: is a natural supplement to improve male sexual performance. It has one of the best combinations of ingredients available on the market to increase libido and the pleasure you feel before and during sexual activity, improve and prolong intimate performance, and even enlarge the penis at the time of erection with constant takings and allow better control and strength.

Presentation: 1500 mg capsules, in a bottle of 90 tablets.


  • Get stronger, bigger and longer lasting erections.
  • Prevents premature ejaculation.
  • Increases sexual desire or libido before each sexual intercourse.
  • Improves sexual stamina.
  • Enlargement of the penis, by greater arrival of blood flow, between 0.8 to 2.6 inches (2 to 7 centimeters).
  • Increases sexual pleasure.
  • It is manufactured by Vobue Limited, a company producing supplements located in Cyprus endorsed by the FDA and other agencies that guarantee reliability.
  • Its ingredients are completely natural and safe.
  • They have a 100% money back guarantee within 60 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the results.
  • It can be purchased directly from the website of the company that produces it without a prescription.

Price: the price per tablet may vary, since packages of several bottles are offered to choose with lower costs to purchase in quantity the complete treatment.

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The standard price is € 0.53 per tablet, with a total of € 48.45 per bottle of 90 capsules.

Testo Ultra: is a natural precursor supplement of testosterone (the male sex hormone), with excellent results on the market only by taking one capsule one hour before the sexual encounter.

Presentation: bottle of 60 capsules.


  • It is a precursor of the male sex hormone (testosterone), enhancing virility and sexual performance instantly.
  • Its ingredients are totally natural, without chemical additives or significant contraindications.
  • It takes only one hour before sexual activity scheduled to get stronger erections and longer duration.
  • It also has positive effects on stamina and energy in general.
  • It can be purchased over the counter and online safely.
  • Its price is affordable compared to other drugs of this type.

Price: the price per tablet is approximately € 0.30 per capsule, in jars usually containing 60 capsules (1 month treatment).

Vigrx Plus: is a supplement to improve male sexual performance with natural ingredients and years of experience in the market, which promises not only better erections, but also increased sexual desire or libido.

Presentation: comes in bottles of 60 capsules.


  • Increases blood flow to the penis, getting more satisfactory erections, voluminous and lasting.
  • Increases libido and sexual drive.
  • Organically stabilizes male sex hormones, with all the benefits this offers for the male body: greater physical endurance and energy, decreases chronic fatigue.
  • Its ingredients are 100% natural and fresh.
  • It contains Bioperine, which helps all the nutrients in the formula to be better absorbed.
  • Its official site presents a double-blind study to support its excellent results.
  • You have a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results, 60 days after purchase.
  • It can be purchased safely on the official site of the product, with international shipping at no additional cost.

Price: the price per tablet is € 1.14, in bottles containing 60 capsules.

Conclusion: use these pills to get an erection now knowing the best ones

Among the numerous products on the market to achieve better erections and optimize sexual performance in adult men, these are the ones that offer superior results and stand out with satisfied customers, as well as the highest rates of successful penetration after taking.

Whether you are looking for traditional medicines or natural alternatives, these are the treatments that have proven to be the most efficient, as well as being available online or in pharmacies in person.

What about prescription pills? How does that work?

For the traditional medicines used to treat erectile dysfunction (Levitra, Viagra, Cialis, Spedra…), a prescription is usually needed, as they have complex mechanisms of action, interactions and contraindications that a health professional handles better. However, with so many technological advances, there is no need to go to the doctor’s office to seek a prescription; reliable sites authorized to sell this type of medicine online request a brief medical history check directly via web by a doctor, who authorizes the acquisition and formulation of the medicine without further complication.

Can you buy pills to get an erection in a pharmacy without a prescription?

Natural supplements to enhance sexual performance in men do not require a prescription and can be purchased at any pharmacy. These modern alternatives are available for those who want the same results, easier and pure ingredients.