NO2-Max Review 2019 by Crazy Bulk – What other sites will not tell you

A high-performance capsule that can affect muscle gain as well as strength and endurance, it is the perfect combo for people who practice body-building regularly. This physical activity consists of having an ideal body with well defined muscles and being able to lift as much weight as possible.

To do this, you have to play with your physical abilities and sometimes they are limited. This is why it is necessary to use food supplements that can meet this demand. This is the case with NO2 Max which will play on nitric oxide.

It is a food supplement that will be used to increase the performance of the blood circulation that goes into the muscles. Thus, the athlete can make efforts longer, easier, and can repeat them more easily, because he will have optimized recovery times.

NO2-Max: what is it?

This food supplement is made up of several natural ingredients that are safe for your health. It is not a steroid whose sale is prohibited. The American company crazybulk is renowned in the United States. It is a company that produces products for athletes to help them gain muscle mass, strength and endurance.

Depending on the combination of ingredients, it is possible to act on other elements, such as testosterone and sleep quality.

This tablet will focus on nitric oxide. It is a herbal component designed to affect the blood and oxygen circulation in the body. Its interest is multiple.

NO2-Max: what is it for?

What is the role of nitric oxide in the body? It is a vasodilator. Its role is to allow the enlargement of blood vessels. As a result, more blood reaches the muscles. The blood will also carry oxygen and a large amount of nutrients to nourish them.

The larger the quantity transported, the less the muscle will tire quickly, and the more endurance it will have. The NO2 Max is designed for training programs and is used at its best value. You will be able to push yourself to your limits, you will not feel the fatigue coming, and you will be able to do several exercises or increase the intensity. The advantages of such a product are multiple and very numerous.

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The last advantage of NO2 Max is that it promotes recovery. This action is possible because the muscle is better nourished during exercise. It regenerates faster, which promotes recovery. Sleep will be of better quality and the body will rest properly.

Dosage and advice on the use of NO2-Max

When you receive a package with a bottle, you will have what it takes to last a month. There are 60 capsules and you have to take two a day. You should swallow one tablet at lunch and in the evening, with a large glass of water.

For best results, we have two tips to share with you: you should continue to exercise at high intensity in perfect harmony with the diet you have set for yourself. Then, it is very important to respect the recommended cycle length of two months. It is at the end of these two months that the first results will really be felt.

The ingredients of NO2-Max

It is a suitable and safe formula. It is legal and bears no resemblance to a steroid that is dangerous to health.

With the ingredients present, there is no risk of experiencing side effects. Although there are several, it is important to focus on the main ingredient, which is L-Arginine alpha-keto-glutarate (AAKG).

L-Arginine alpha-keto-glutarate (AAKG)

It is a nitric oxide catalyst. It is a non-essential amino acid that will focus on opening and widening blood vessels. It is in this function that it becomes essential and primordial.

Why be content to communicate only on this ingredient? Simply because in its absence, the body will not be able to produce nitric oxide, which is essential for its proper functioning.

To be sure of its functioning, alpha-keto-glutarate (also known as AAKG) must be ingested with a good glass of water. It will go down through the body until it reaches the liver. Thanks to the composition, there will be a significant production of nitric oxide, which will cause the vessels to widen. This way, the muscles will be better nourished and will tire much less.

Thereafter, the body begins to produce nitric oxide. The body will get used to it if you continue to take these pills regularly. Then there will be a new stage: protein synthesis. This way, the body will be well nourished and you will be able to make intense efforts, without risk to your health.

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All these effects are proven through this American study that we share with you.

Should I take it or not?

It is a dietary supplement that will be ideal for the majority of athletes who want to gain muscle. It allows athletes to gain muscle mass effectively, but also to accelerate this muscle gain.

As blood vessels widen, they will have more space to carry oxygen and nutrients. Sports efforts will be more intense, but without any health risk. The athlete will be able to make ever greater efforts, repeat them and his muscle will work. Except he’s going to push his limits and his fatigue. There will be no problem for him to double a session without NO2 Max.

It is not a food supplement that will affect testosterone and sexual libido.

How should I take NO2-Max? How long does it work?

The dosage indicated by crazybulk seems particularly appropriate to us. It must be respected. There is no point in doubling the doses. Each dose contains the strict necessary to be effective. If you take too much, you may not be able to tolerate it properly.

Although this has not yet happened, not all morphologies are the same. It is possible that a person may react faster to this food supplement, or on the contrary, take longer to react. That’s normal. You have to give the body time to get used to it.

We will specify all the same that waiting for the 2 months is a good date. Usually between the 7th and 9th week, we start to see the first results.

There will be no magic result. These tablets will only be effective if there is sport and a healthy and balanced diet behind them. We will not forget to take into account the sleep that promotes recovery. The more deep sleep there is, the better!

The advantages of NO2-Max

The benefits of this food supplement are many.

  • Reliable and certain formula: it is 100% safe, legal and complies well with current commercial standards. Craybulk, the American company that markets this product, sells it in every country in the world! They have their own laboratories to perform tests that are under high control.
  • Considerable gains in muscle mass: the results are there and arrived earlier than expected, around the 7th week (in our case).
  • Improvement of sporting capacities over time (endurance): the athlete will be able to repeat his efforts for an ever longer period of time and will be fully rewarded for his efforts by a faster loss of fat and improved performance.
  • More effort, less fatigue: fatigue will take time to come, but there will be no problem going to bed or getting up. Recovery will be better and the athlete will experience very little pain upon waking up, the next day or two days after a sports session. Muscle tissue will be well repaired and healed.
  • Free without prescription: you don’t need a prescription to take advantage of it. It’s not a steroid that injects itself through a needle.
  • Effectiveness in the medium and long term: the results displayed seem to last over time.*
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The disadvantages of NO2-Max

There is no such thing.

Where to buy NO2-Max?

NO2 Max cannot be bought everywhere. It is only available on the Internet and the official crazybulk website.

Delivery of NO2-Max products

Products do not take long to arrive. They are delivered by LaPoste and are well packaged. Very serious.

Our review on NO2-Max

It is a good product for all people who want to have a perfect body that meets all their needs.

NO2 Max is a product that “guarantees” results at one time or another. Why? Why? Because it is necessarily effective. The scientific work he does with nitric oxide cannot fail. It’s scientifically difficult.

The composition of the tablet is healthy and legal. There are no addictive ingredients. Only athletes get addicted, because there are results and they always want more! But they could do without it overnight, without feeling a lack or difficulty.

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