Does PhenQ work without exercise?

There are many food supplements on the market. They can be found in all sauces, some of which are designed to combat certain weight gain. Eating pills are for individuals who want to lose weight.

Several functions are being sought. We will find people who want to lose weight, but also people who want to slow down the cravings that appear between meals.

Is PhenQ a food supplement that can work, as if by miracle, without exercising? Is this valid for all people who are looking for weight loss and who use fat burners, or only for individuals who use PhenQ? Is it the famous magic pill? This is what we will try to answer in this article today.

We would like to point out that this opinion concerns only us. This is not necessarily the case for everyone who uses a food supplement to reduce weight.

As a reminder, PhenQ is a weight loss pill whose goal is to be able to lose weight quickly, while avoiding the famous yo-yo effect that affects many women and men.

PhenQ: a reliable pill with a good composition?

To better answer the question that is the subject of this article, we must ask ourselves about the composition of the pill. If it meets the requirements that can be expected from such a tablet, then the chances of having an effective pill are higher.

PhenQ stands out from other fat burners because it includes specific foods such as caffeine, chromium picolinate, capsimax powder, nopal and L-carnitine. All these elements have very specific functions. These are ingredients that are there to meet expectations, such as the massive destruction of several fats and the feeling of satiety that should be maintained to avoid snacking between meals.

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The composition of this pill has been protected. It is a recipe that belongs to the manufacturer and cannot be used by everyone.

According to the manufacturer, several scientific results have been reported. They report that 3.55% of the people who used this supplement lost weight, and 3.80% had more muscle mass. But the most interesting thing is this figure: 7.24% have lost their fat! These figures are very interesting and promise a bright future for PhenQ.

Do you need to exercise to lose fat and weight?

When the media take this pill, many wonder whether or not it is necessary to exercise to feel the benefits. The answer is very clear: yes, you have to exercise. It is not possible otherwise.

It is an effective pill as long as you exercise regularly. Eating pills are there to help, but they are not there to replace the help the individual has committed to.

Without the presence of exercise, the body will not be able to effectively stimulate all the properties of the ingredients to be effective.

Weight and fat loss must also be achieved with a good diet. Without physical and sporting activity and a balanced diet, the pill will not be effective, that is a fact. To maximize the chances of success, it is important to be consistent in your sport.

The recommended diet for this food supplement is to choose healthy and balanced meals with an average of 50% vegetables, 25% protein and 25% starch on each plate. It will be necessary to think about balancing your dishes by varying the meats (red, white), not eating the same thing every day, and weighing your food if necessary.

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PhenQ dosage: is it daily?

PhenQ is a pill that is taken every day. You have to take two a day. The best times for PhenQ are in the morning and lunch.
To get results, PhenQ should be taken a small half an hour before eating with a large glass of cold water.

What do users say?

From day one, many people think it is an effective pill. The most impressive thing is not weight loss, but the appetite suppressant effect. People feel that at the end of the morning, there is indeed this satiety effect that appears. The same is true until the evening, even if some women say that there is indeed a appetite suppressant effect and that in the evening… they are no longer hungry! It’s quite dangerous and you shouldn’t listen too much to your body, and think about eating well so you don’t go to bed on an empty stomach.

Over time, users of this pill are very satisfied and satisfied with it.