PrimeMale review 2019 – Testimony over 4 weeks: Read before you buy!

Aren’t you tired of being constantly tired, exhausted, or even inactive in bed? It is the height of a man’s inability to: perform the tasks of daily life, go to the gym to refine his body and be unable to satisfy the sexual needs of his couple… it can destroy a marriage.

Fortunately, solutions exist to overcome all these evils. Many people around you will advise you to go to a psychologist who will be there to listen to you and provide you with all the information you need to get back on top. But is this the best solution? Is this the best method?

Other people will convince you to do more sports. Even if you go twice a week to do sports sessions, they will tell you to do 4, to double your efforts. Only not all bodies are able to handle such efforts. How are recovery times optimized? Do you do various exercises on the whole body or only on one part of the body? Certainly, the realization of a physical and sporting activity will strongly contribute to the loss of fat… But this is not always the case.

Many men in France suffer from a particular lack: testosterone. It is an essential molecule for men to keep them energetic and active. With a low testosterone level, you will experience fatigue or exhaustion. It is also a means that will unfortunately cause depression.

We have gathered, with my colleagues, to present you with a pill that we have tested. We didn’t want just any of them. It is essential that the elements present in the interior are of good quality and above all, natural, without side effects.

PrimeMale: what is it?

PrimeMale is a capsule that will concentrate several ingredients. The role of the latter is to promote the natural production of testosterone inside the male body.

This pill can be tested for 90 days. You don’t notice any results? There is no problem, the PrimeMale manufacturer has put in place a 90-day guarantee to try the pill, with complete peace of mind. If no results are available, it is possible to return the remaining capsules.

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This pill has no side effects. All the ingredients, which we will list later, are entirely natural and have a specific function. We were afraid that some properties would be cancelled by other elements. This was not the case.

PrimeMale: what is it for?

PrimeMale is a food supplement with many interesting functions. The first will be the considerable development of muscle mass (its development will not be done in a snap of the fingers, quite the contrary). The aim is to promote the growth of so-called “lean” muscles in order to increase their volume, but also their strength.

It is quite possible that with this pill, your sexual performance will improve. An ingredient is there to significantly increase libido and restore activity under the duvet. It is important to maintain a good sex life, it will limit the appearance of several diseases such as prostate cancer among our male friends.

Components have the effect of burning all the fat in the abdominal belt. It is the most complicated grease to remove as it is so tough. Thanks to the increase in testosterone, there will be a transformation of fat into muscle.

Testosterone increases natural energy. That’s why we’re going to have better endurance in the long term. Your cardiac performance will be good and will provide convincing results in your running or cycling sessions.

With good health, you will protect yourself from several risks, including diabetes. Testosterone will be more important and will offer good insulin resistance.

Better energy is always good to take! We will have to take advantage of this to overcome fatigue, and face all the obstacles of the day with a smile. With PrimeMale, you will be well cared for (and it’s not a joke, after 2.5 weeks, we noticed effects, especially in the morning when you wake up).

A man needs to be confident and convincing. He needs confidence. Testosterone is essential for good health and energy. The more energetic he is, the more confident he will be and the more confident he will become.

Finally, your state of mind will evolve and you will only see the positive thanks to the confidence you take. We have to wait longer.

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Dosage and advice on the use of PrimeMale

The instructions provided by PrimeMale are as follows. One capsule should be taken four times a day, for a total of 4 capsules per day. They should not be taken alone, always with a meal or snack.

For quality results, they recommend taking the capsules every day, without interruption.

The ingredients of Prime Male

12 ingredients are selected to boost testosterone in your body. Important note: all ingredients have been taken after extensive clinical and medical studies to ensure that there are no side effects.

D-aspartic acid

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid, but also a neurotransmitter. The purpose of the component is to promote the production of luteinizing hormone. It is the one that will trigger the secretion of testosterone inside the testicles. The results are quick. The American study goes in this direction.


We then find the bioperine. It is an amplifier of biodiversity.


Its function acts mainly on inflammation, vitamin D, cognitive function, hormones, blood plasma and bone maintenance. It will reduce estrogen levels, which is a barrier to testosterone production in men. A study is there to support these comments.

Red ginseng extract

We find red ginseng extract which ensures a new virility for men, it is luteolin which will block the production of all the female hormones that we have in our body (because yes, we have some!).


Magnesium is essential. Humans suffer horribly from a lack of magnesium in their bodies. It is an essential element for the good health of humans in general. In this case, it will improve the physical (through this scientific analysis) and virile performance of some subjects.

Other ingredients in small quantities

Sex hormones will work well with Muscat pea extract.

Nettle root has many benefits as well as vitamin B6, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2.

The last booster is zinc. It offers better sensations thanks to a boost of energy!

Is PrimeMale effective for msuculation?

As sports and nutrition enthusiasts, if we talk about these testosterone boosters, it is because they have important effects on the practice of weight training.

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Yes, the results are there. The gain of muscle mass as well as weight loss is quite obvious and effective in the long term!

Is PrimeMale effective for libido?

A man’s libido is paramount. It will affect the individual’s trust and confidence in a partner. We must not neglect this part.

Should I take it or not?

This pill is recommended for all people who suffer from depression or lack of physical results despite the significant efforts they make every day. If you find yourself in this situation, we can only recommend it!

How should I take PrimeMale? How long does it work?

Just take it with a meal.

The results are not displayed in the same way from one person to another. That’s why we will recommend that you take the time, be regular and not change your lifestyle!

The advantages of PrimeMale

The benefits of this food supplement for weight training are many.

  • No fatigue, increased energy on a daily basis: the strength is increased tenfold, men regain confidence after weight loss, bones are less fragile and the mood on a daily basis is better.
  • Lower blood pressure: cardiovascular health will be better just as males will be able to satisfy their partners thanks to a renewed libido
  • Better overall health: physically, the skin will be firmer and healthier, just like the prostate. You will reduce the risk of getting cancer.
  • Mental: there is an improvement in cognitive functions.

The disadvantages of PrimeMale

We have not noted any.

Where to buy PrimeMale?

These capsules can only be purchased on the manufacturer’s official website.
Delivery of PrimeMale products
She’s fast. She’s fast. After 48 hours, you will receive a parcel number to follow.

Our review of PrimeMale

We are fully satisfied with it. We appreciate the improvement on the mind, which sometimes seems more important than the physical. Because everything is at stake (or almost), in the head. It is a food supplement of good quality and quality!

These capsules are well recommended for people who feel the need.