Sizegenetics review : our complete product review

When it comes to sex life, few things worry men as much as penis size. And it is that for greater pleasure for the couple and a more solid self-esteem and self-confidence, size, even if they say otherwise, does matter.

There are numerous products that are promoted with the promise of penis enlargement, but few have as many testimonials from satisfied customers, clinical evidence and guaranteed results as Sizegenetics. Sizegenetics is a penis enlargement device that works thanks to its ultra-complete, comfortable and painless traction mechanism.

Sizegenetics, besides guaranteeing the extended size of the penis, works to strengthen the muscles of the penis for more powerful erections. It is also used in medical practice for some anatomical deformities of the penis as a physiotherapeutic option, as it corrects penile curvature.

Sizegenetics is the ONLY penis traction device approved by doctors

A great advantage that Sizegenetics has to endorse its effectiveness and safety are multiple clinical studies published on its website, a unique feature in its style and which do not have other products to increase penis size that are also available with much advertising in the market.

Sizegenetics shows in a public and visible way in its official site the results that can be expected, the statistics and even the clinical evidences and the physiological mechanism of its functioning. It also has testimonials from professional doctors who attest to its effectiveness and safety profile.

Sizegenetics is even endorsed by the FDA (the US agency in charge of verifying the safety of any product that is involved with health), and complies with strict international regulations that guarantee its operation and effectiveness.

Is this device expensive?

Considering that cheap Sizegenetics includes numerous accessories to guarantee its correct operation, besides being the only device of this type that is also highly concerned about user comfort, its price is in line with the benefits it promises. With regard to its 100% verifiable efficiency and the long period of time during which it can be used, the price is affordable.

Although there are other lower priced products, they do not meet the high quality standards that are attached to the price of Sizegenetics with its years of experience, testimonials from satisfied customers and even a money back guarantee (at double the amount paid for the product) with six months of use if there is no progress in the promises of results.

Sizegenetics is sold in multifunctional packages, depending on the budget and expectations of each user. Among the options to acquire Sizegenetics, are:

  • Sizegenetics ultimate system: € 279,95.
  • Sizegenetics comfort package:€ 229,95.
  • Sizegenetics value edition: €189,95
  • Edition for curvature and Peyronie’s disease: € 279.95.

Sizegenetics: description and operation

Sizegenetics functions as a traction device that applies tension of up to 2800 g continuously and gently to the muscles of the penis. This tension causes small tears in the cavernous bodies of the penis (the muscular parts of the penis that increase in size during erection), and the duplication of healthy, new cells is stimulated in these cracks.

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The body responds automatically to the constant cycle of tension and cellular regeneration of the muscles of the penis under the soft and painless traction of Sizegenetics, increasing the muscular mass and with this, the total size of the male organ. In addition, when “exercising” the penile muscles, it also increases their endurance and strength.

The cavernous bodies of the penis, when growing in centimeters, also increase their capacity to contain blood and therefore, to grow when erect.

By making linear traction on the penis to cause an elongation effect, the penis posture is also corrected, helping men with pronounced curvature and even anatomical deformities (such as Peyronie’s disease or curved penis syndrome).

There are other features that guarantee the operation of Sizegenetics, such as its composition of 58 pathways in a definitive system, an elongation bar of 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 centimeters) to accommodate any size, a multidirectional angle head for daily use, and comfortable 3M pads to avoid any type of discomfort. The most complete package even includes a leather travel case, key and lock for user safety.

Customer results after a few months of use:

If the use is constant and follows the guidelines established by the product manufacturers for optimal results, the effects of the Sizegenetics test should be visible in a couple of weeks, but the penis extender is actually manufactured to work in a couple of months.

According to clinical studies, there was a 15% increase in size after the first 8 weeks of use (2 months), which increased to 20% at 16 weeks (4 months), then the increase was 24% at 20 weeks (5 months) and up to 30% increase in size at 24 weeks (6 months of use).

What does the Sizegenetics kit contain?
The Sizegenetics Ultimate Plus kit, which is also the most complete kit offered when you purchase Sizegenetics on its official website, contains:

  • 1 medical device type 1 Sizegenetics (a low-risk device used to fix the incurved penis caused by Peyronie’s disease).
  • 1 luxury leather case.
  • 1 travel case.
  • 1 front piece of double function.
  • Multidirectional angle head.
  • 1 silicone tube.
  • 1 strap for comfort.
  • 1 cushion for protection and comfort.
  • 2 elongation bars of 1 inch (2.5 cms).
  • 4 elongation bars of 2 inches (5 cms).
  • 2 elongation bars of 0.5 inches (1.25 cms).
  • 1 set of keys for the case.
  • Anti-slip protection.
  • 1 advanced 3M comfort plaster.
  • 1 Revita Creamy Moisturizing Lotion.
  • 1 plus powder for traction.
  • 1 original Sizegenetics quick start guide.

How to use the penis extender Sizegenetics?

The Sizegenetics penis extender is placed with its comfort strap system around the glans, and the comfort pad around the base of the penis. Automatically and with the Sizegenetics already assembled, the elongation bars begin to do their traction work.

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Since it is not bulky or bulky, it can be worn discreetly underneath underwear during any daily routine activity. Manufacturers recommend using cheap Sizegenetics for 5 to 6 hours a day to see results quickly.

What results to expect?

When you buy Sizegenetics, you also generate expectations about the product that the manufacturers themselves advertise on their website. As far as penis enlargement is concerned, with the use of the device from 5 to 6 hours a day (recommended) an increase of 10% in length can be expected during the first two to three months of use. After using it for 4 to 6 months, it has been reported an increase of 28% in length and up to 19% in girth of the penis. In total, what is expected is a total increase in penis size of 2.5 to 5 centimeters (1 to 2 inches) in length.

Sizegenetics not only influences the size of the penis, but also visibly corrects curvature, and may even be a physiotherapy option for Peyronie’s disease or curved penis syndrome.

In addition, it strengthens the muscles of the penis by improving the endurance and strength of the erection, and giving the user greater control over their ejaculation.

The permanent increase in size and power of the erection and of the penis in general, make the Sizegenetics also cause a radical change in self-esteem and self-confidence for users.

Where to buy Sizegenetics?

The most reliable and secure site to buy cheap Sizegenetics is certainly the official site of the product, because besides guaranteeing that the real and original product will be acquired and not counterfeits, they always have combos and bonuses added by the purchase of all the packages promoted by incredible prices.

In addition, Sizegenetics has a double money back guarantee unique in its style if purchased through its official site: if in 180 days the expected results are not seen, the user is reimbursed double what he paid to buy the product.

The editor’s review:

Unlike other traditional products (medicines, creams, unreliable surgeries), Sizegenetics covers many aspects that are not easy to find in the market. Cheap Sizegenetics not only focuses on sexual performance or erection, but offers permanent changes in a factor as influential and important to a man’s entire physical sphere as the size of his organ.

Unlike other products that are promoted as penis extenders that are eventually ineffective, painful and uncomfortable, Sizegenetics cares considerably about the user’s comfort when using the product, and even includes several options and alternatives for how the user wishes to assemble it for their comfort (the silicone tube, the support pad and other pieces can be accommodated according to the needs and how the client sits, reaching a point where they can use the Sizegenetics during any time or activity of their daily routine without feeling it).

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This penis extender is reasonably priced considering that the packages sold on the official manufacturers site are quite complete, and always have additional accessories at no cost included in the total price. If you take into account the amount of components, ways of use and special features of the Sizegenetics, its cost is incredible.

In addition, the manufacturers of Sizegenetics offer an impressive money back guarantee of double the money if the user is not satisfied or did not have the expected results with the use of the product of nothing more and nothing less than 6 months! (180 days); this warranty is very extensive and indisputably proves that they trust your product, and that it is effective. No other similar product offers this money back security, giving the additional advantage of having nothing to lose with the Sizegenetics test, nor with buying Sizegenetics.

Another plus worth noting about Sizegenetics is that it is shipped free of charge anywhere in the world if purchased through its official site, and delivery is made the next business day of the purchase (even if it is made before 11 am, try to ship it the same day).

Without needing to request it to the salesmen of the company, the package where the penis extender is sent is discreet and compact, and even in the invoice try not to specify that it is a device to increase the size of the male sexual organ. This, coupled with the ergonomic size and design of the Sizegenetics, guarantees that nobody has to know that the product was purchased to increase the length of the penis, nor that it is being worn under the clothes to perform any daily activity.

It can be stated with certainty that Sizegenetics is the number one option available in the current market for those who are looking to increase the size of their penis. Besides the multiple advantages associated to its comfortable use, its sale that guarantees the protection of money and the fact that it is a quite complete product; the fact that it is endorsed by doctors, has scientific evidence that no other similar product has and counts with international renown given by the years of experience and satisfied users affirm by themselves an indisputable fact: Sizegenetics is the only product to increase the size of the penis that really works and that counts with all the visible and verifiable guarantees to back it up.