Testo-Max review – Full Testimony

It is not possible to gain muscle mass without testosterone. This food is essential. He’s the one who gives you a hell of a way to face the day. Every morning, the body produces testosterone to keep in shape all day long and to have the energy to perform physical activities such as walking, carrying and sports sessions.

Testosterone occurs naturally… but over time, production decreases with age. This is why it is necessary to stimulate the body to produce more.

We will discuss a food supplement on behalf of Testo-Max. It is designed by Crazybulk.

Some people react with fear and fear when they see the term “food supplement”. And that’s normal: there are many products that exist, but they don’t get the expected results.

To help you, we tried Testo-Max. And this article is an opportunity to share with you all the feelings and other feedback we have had during our test phase. We regularly try new food supplements for weight training, but first we monitor the composition of the products. We do not want a product that becomes addictive and dangerous to health.

Testo-max: what is it?

It is a food supplement for all adults who participate in physical and sporting activities. These people have very specific goals, such as the desire to lose weight, gain muscle mass or feel better in your body and be fit every day.

This weight training food supplement is designed in the United States and complies with several specific standards on this subject.

It is possible to buy it on the Internet, just as the delivery will be done quite quickly for France (at least, that was our case).

Testo-max: what is it for?

It has been designed to naturally increase testosterone production in the body. This offers considerable muscle gains with maximum endurance strength.

Testo-Max is also interesting in the recovery phases, after perspiring well during a sports session.

Finally, there are, indirectly, ingredients (and especially the mentality) that will play on libido and allow men to regain self-confidence, both in bed and in everyday life.

Dosage and advice on the use of Testo-max

Testo-Max is taken by means of 4 capsules per day. They should be taken for a short half an hour, every morning, before breakfast.

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To optimize physical results, it is strongly recommended to take these capsules every day, at the same time, whether there is training or not.

The training period recommended by the manufacturer is two months with a week and a half of rest to allow the body to regain its health. In the event of a health problem, do not hesitate to visit the attending physician who will be there for you.

The ingredients of Testo-max

Several specific ingredients are included in this capsule. We’re going to find the magnesium. It is a key component of good human health. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from a lack of this element.


Vitamins are essential. We will find vitamin B6, vitamin D3 and vitamin K1. Just a quick word about the D3. It is the vitamin that is normally secreted by the sun with the action of ultraviolet rays. These will affect people’s hormones and thus influence their mood. It is often said that when the sun comes out, everyone is happy! It’s not for nothing, it coincides with the coming of the sun! It is one of the most important vitamins.


Zinc is present in this capsule in the same way as D-Aspartic acid. This acid is strong in quantity in this capsule, it may even be the capsule that contains such a high level of D-Aspartic acid. Why? Why? Its action is essential. It is the main hormone produced by the company, called luteinizing hormone, which improves sperm quality, as demonstrated in this study. It is a hormone that will promote the production of testosterone in the human body.

Other minor ingredients

The extract of nettle leaves, red ginseng, fenugreek are present to stimulate testosterone. These extracts are present in small quantities. The list of ingredients is completed with bioperine and boron.

Is Testo-max effective for weight training?

This was our first concern: is it a real product or a marketing product above all? We were skeptical at first. The composition is there, but we still had this little fear…

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There is no better tester than yourself! So we ordered these products and performed this test for a period of four weeks.

At first, we were really… doubtful. After a week, physically speaking (implied, visually), we did not notice any slight improvement. It was frustrating.

Then, at the end of the second week, the results appeared, slowly but surely. This is an important point, because in the end, we appreciate that the results are effective over time, and not directly so that they are lost. It also confirmed that it is not a magic pill! It is necessary to take the time to make all the physical and sporting efforts necessary to see the results.

Finally, for the fourth week, we are definitely conquered!

It is understandable that with the time required, some people are not very reassured.

Is Testo-max effective for libido?

Unlike other dietary supplements for muscle building and weight training, we have not noticed a “wow” effect on our libido. It is possible that it may act, but in a very minimal way.

On the other hand, the action on the mind is almost immediate. After two weeks, we were well motivated and serene to do our exercises. For people who have worse hits, it’s a good thing.

It is not for all men. The humans who will need it most will be those who feel tired and lose the energy to do things during the day, such as sports.

Some people will also appreciate this food supplement when they want to get rid of the layer of fat that covers the abdominals.
In the case of a blow of less well, this can be a good solution. Nevertheless, it is recommended as a complement to physical activity, such as regular walking, sport with a dog such as cani-cross or cani-vtt, weight training… We are not in favour of using this product without effort in return.

How should I take Testo-max? How long does it work?

The duration of effectiveness is not the same from one person to another. Some men will have immediate results while others will have to wait. Why? Why? Quite simply because the morphologies are not the same from one person to another. You have to respect your body and listen to it.
The capsules must be swallowed every morning before breakfast.

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The advantages of Testo-max

The benefits of such a food supplement are quite numerous, to our great surprise.

No addictive substances: all foods are reliable and do not have addictive properties.

  • Development of muscle mass: you can lift more weight, without feeling tired. It also increases endurance. Efforts may be intense for longer periods of time. This is an opportunity to have more strength.
  • Shorter recovery times: maximum sporting performance is present, with time. Better recovery times were also noted. Between two training sessions, we had less aches and pains and less unpleasant sensations, such as muscle fatigue. Testosterone in abundance is there to capture all this.
  • Can be delivered anywhere: delivery is worldwide, with particularly competitive delivery times.
    Better sexual performance: libido returns, which promotes intimate relationships.

The disadvantages of Testo-max

We would have liked to have a French product, but that is not the case.

Where to buy Testo-max?

This product is only available at Crazybulk’s official store to avoid counterfeit products that are dangerous to human health.

Delivery of Testo-max products

This food supplement is produced in Great Britain, but is sold worldwide. In the case of France, the carrier chosen is La Poste. Delivery times are between 3 and 7 days from the order date, which is quite fast!

We appreciate products delivered all over the world!

Our review on Testo-max

In our case, this product worked well. But we already know that there are people who will say that it is not effective.

Not all morphologies are the same and can justify this. That’s normal. We are different and unique. Some may take medications that will cancel out the properties of certain ingredients.

Moreover, we have no evidence that these men were physically active and active throughout the duration of the capsule intake! We remind you, it is a food supplement, as a complement to sport… it is not a magic pill!