Testogen review 2019 – Testimony over 4 weeks: Read before you buy!

Men are increasingly concerned about their appearance and sporting performance (but also in bed). Having a drawn and attractive body is sometimes a fighting course. You don’t necessarily get the desired muscle mass, you don’t feel desirable… These sensations don’t only happen to women. Men are subject to it, and much more than they say.

We have a product to help you. His name is Testogen. It’s a new arrival on the market. It has several advantages, such as better endurance and better capacities to perform certain physical efforts.

We will present Testogen in several parts following our experience with this product

Testogen: what is it?

It is a food supplement with several objectives. The main thing is to promote fat loss in favour of muscle mass gain. To do this, Testogen will seek to improve testosterone hormone levels in men.

Many athletes have adopted this solution to avoid going through steroids. Muscle mass building must be done properly, without being penalized later on, as the body ages. Virility is important, but respecting the basics of your health is even better!

Testogen: what is it for?

The main function of the capsule is to promote the natural production of testosterone for humans. Its advantages are many. The first to be noted will be a better body through better muscle mass development.

It is also one of the many existing solutions to fight fatigue. The body ages faster than we think. Missing a workout is wrong. Procrastinating is also wrong. Life is made to be lived, live it to the fullest! Thanks to Testosgen, no more need to postpone the next session!

Dosage and advice on the use of Testogen

It’s very simple. Just take four capsules a day. It is recommended to swallow them in the morning, when you wake up, about twenty minutes before having breakfast. It is necessary to be regular and scrupulously respect the schedule that has been set up, especially for days with training and days without training. Don’t hesitate to take a rest!

The ingredients of Testogen

Several ingredients are available in the Testosgen.


We’re going to find bioperine, a derivative of black pepper.

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Zinc is used to improve testosterone production. This American study shows this on a man.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is also part of the package with several essential functions to achieve good physical health.

Red ginseng extract

Natural ingredients are also present such as red ginseng extract which is known as a beautiful aphrodisiac on humans! Scientific studies have been conducted on subjects with erectile disorders, including this one.

Fenugreek extract

Fenugreek extract is there to improve libido and stimulate testosterone more effectively. It will affect the strength and endurance of the male.

Other ingredients in small quantities

We find vitamin K1, D-Aspartic acid, some nettle leaf extracts, boron, vitamin D and magnesium.

Only natural foods for the benefit of health and male testosterone production.

Is Testogen effective for weight training?

Yes, it is effective for weight training. It is recommended for people who are looking for better physical stamina and mass gain. Stimulating testosterone increases these physical performances, gives a better body and increases virility.

It will also be useful for people who are in a weight loss program. The ingredients present in this composition are natural and will all have a specific function on humans (physical and mental).

Is Testogen effective for libido?

Yes, it is effective in improving sexual performance. Thanks to the stimulation of testosterone, hormones are healthier. Men will have more stamina and will be able to enjoy their sex with their wives in the bedroom.

Man will also feel more powerful and manly. It is well known that a man who gives off such sensations will automatically seduce the female person who is looking for people who are confident and confident.

Should I take it or not?

This food supplement will be suitable for people who lack motivation in the majority of the actions they undertake every day. A tired, depressed or irritable person will be able to enjoy these capsules to be better in their skin.

Men who have a lack of libido or a significant increase in body fat and are dissatisfied with their intimate relationships will appreciate Testosgen.

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If the fatigue that occurs (too) quickly when you exercise or feel your muscles are not developing, then the Testosgen is for you.

People who will be demotivated, who see no results in the work done or who no longer feel competitive, will taste these capsules and see their lives change.

How should I take Testogen? How long does it work?

It is not advisable to take it at any other time of the day. Taking them before breakfast is clearly the best time.

The results will start to show up at different times depending on the cause of low testosterone levels. People who are looking for physical performance will easily have to wait between 4 to 6 weeks. On the other hand, if it is the individual’s mood, after one to two weeks, the results will start to show.

The advantages of Testogen

  • Massive testosterone production: the main advantage of such a food supplement is the increase in testosterone production. It is thanks to this element that fat will be transformed into muscle mass.
  • 100% natural: the ingredients found inside are of very good quality and intended for the good health of men. There will be no side effects, which is essential when consuming this type of food.
  • Also influences the mind positively: this food is also interesting because it does not only play on the physical, but also on the mind! A very complete capsule that will have an essential action!

The disadvantages of Testogen

  • Difficult to find: the purchase of this type of product is only available on the official website in order to limit counterfeits and similar products that could be marketed and dangerous for human health.
  • Only in English: At the moment, there is no chat available in French. In case of a question to ask the manufacturer, it will be necessary to use Shakespeare’s language.

Where to buy Testogen?

Testosgen is only available on the official website of the manufacturer and the brand. This is a security for the consumer.

Many food supplements have seen dangerous compositions marketed in foreign countries at low prices. The substances present within these elements could lead to serious mental and physical disorders and have dramatic consequences on human health.

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Delivery of Testogen products

Depending on the country, the delivery times will not be the same. For our part, for this test, we were delivered in 5 days, which remains correct for a product that can only be found in Great Britain.

The English are delivered within one day, which is very good and fast!

Our review on Testogen

Overall, we are very confident about this product. We have tested it for ourselves, but also on other people and the results are there. Unfortunately, the most impressive are not on the physical part, but on the mental part.

Excuses for postponing a weight training or football session with friends have gradually disappeared. You feel better and enjoy waking up in the morning with tonicity.

The habit is easy to get into.

Over time (we have been testing them for 4 weeks), we see small physical improvements appear. That’s very appreciative. However, this does not exempt the practice of a weight training session! It is even essential to stimulate testosterone and burn these fats to transform them into muscles.

Diet is important in weight loss, but also in building muscle mass. With this food supplement, we are entitled to wonder if we should change the way we eat or not. Until now, we have followed our advice and eating habits, which are very roughly composed of 25% protein, 25% starch and 50% vegetables. We felt better digestion phases. Our opinion on this subject is that there is more testosterone, therefore more chance for the body to burn fat to turn it into muscle. Thus, protein digestion is better to feed the whole body that needs it.

It is a natural product, we must not forget that. He will not work miracles. You have to respect a training structure and continue to play sports and exercise quietly, without putting pressure on yourself. The most important thing is to appreciate the present moment (and its sweat)!