Is testosterone dangerous or not?

The American market is very familiar with testosterone boosters. There are many of them and several manufacturers are present. They are aimed at people with a sexual libido problem, men who have testosterone in constant decline or athletes.

Testosterone is an essential hormone in men’s mental health. It is what makes it possible to ensure good mental and physical health. It will act on several different aspects.

It should not be forgotten that testosterone production is strongly impacted by men who age over time. It is estimated that from the age of 30 onwards, production falls by an average of 1% per year. But this number varies from one individual to another.

Testosterone is the hormone that will influence men’s mental state, but also their health. It promotes an increase in muscle mass, which prevents you from feeling the aging of the body over the years. She will also play on men’s sexuality. Unfortunately, they suffer from a physical inability to feel good in their bodies, as libido decreases and sexual performance is no longer achieved. To compensate for this, they will not hesitate to take these food supplements to get back in shape and avoid that it seriously affects the sexuality of the couple.

Are these food supplements dangerous for men’s health? That’s what we’re going to see.

Great notoriety, yes, but is it well mastered?

Before considering whether testosterone boosters are dangerous, it is important to consider their composition.

Testosterone boosters were born because they started from an implacable scientific truth: men feel the consequent effects of testosterone deficiency. Some side effects will be more important than others. We will feel fatigue, lack of energy or lack of libido. These consequences are sometimes annoying, as men can put their relationships at risk. That is why it is essential to take this problem seriously.

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Testosterone boosters are there to fill this gap. Scientific studies indicate that a man aged 20 to 45 years will have between 300 and 1200 nanograms of testosterone per deciliter.

When the age of thirty is reached, then this rate begins to drop… That’s when the food supplement comes in.

The effects mentioned above, namely muscle loss and fatigue, will be addressed. The production of testosterone will be more important, which will provide energy to the person, but also muscle mass, because the training can be longer, stronger and more intense.

Their high notoriety is due to two factors:

  • Men over 30 frequently complain about a lack of sport. So they are unhappy. And they want to remedy this, because often the couple is unstable and presents some areas of turbulence….
  • Athletes have a huge interest in it. Intense sports are highly appreciated by men, who see there, an effect of working on their strength and virility.

Can there be any side effects?

Technically, there should not be any, but it is difficult to make a real decision. There are several factors and data to consider.

First of all, it should be used moderately, which is why it was recommended. There are no side effects if everything has been done under control with careful and accurate monitoring.

However, these effects can be noted, which occur quite frequently in people who do not comply with the conditions of use provided by the manufacturer.
Excessive consumption of testosterone boosters can be dangerous. We will find skin problems with a skin that thickens until it becomes oily. Some men have even confirmed that they feel like they have acne again! What a pity!

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It is important to respect the dosages, because if they are not respected, then it is possible to end up with too much testosterone production, which will lead to an enlargement of the chest. How to explain it? Because men also have female hormones like estrogen. If this level is too high, then there will be male breast syndrome that will develop (an estrogen level higher than the testosterone level).