TestRX review 2019 – Testimony over 4 weeks: Read before you buy!

What could be more pleasant than to see women who observe you with desire and passion? Your abs are a sensation… in your dreams. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you work, no matter how many different products you try, time and again… The results are irrefutable: you can’t do it.

How can we get this body that most athletes have on television, social networks or in magazines? Do they devote their entire lives to it? That’s the big question. And we have the answer: no. No, they don’t spend their whole lives there. And fortunately, otherwise, they would have no life left! They are humans like you and us.

“In this case Rodrigue, what must be done as a sport or activity to have this dream body?” This is a question I am often asked. As you know, there are many food supplements on the market. I have tested several of them with my colleagues, both those who help me write on and off the blog. I talked about it with customers and relatives… After performing a test of this product, I talked about it with them and they acted on it. That’s interesting, because I have several feedback to share with you.

Now, let’s stop talking and get to the heart of the matter!

TestRX: what is it?

It is a food supplement that is taken every morning. It doesn’t necessarily taste good, but the ingredients in it are active, very powerful and will give you sumptuous results.

TestRX is not available in France in pharmacies or other stores located near sports halls. To buy it, there is only the official website available. This is voluntary on their part and makes it possible to maintain the quality of the capsules, because counterfeiting is very common in this market.

TestRX: what is it for?

Thanks to the presence of several quality (and natural) ingredients, the TestRX has several functions. The main one will be to improve internal testosterone production. By improving the level of this substance in your body, several consequences will arise. First of all, you will have larger muscles thanks to the protein synthesis provided by testosterone. This is an opportunity to gain strength through local muscle strengthening on the upper and lower body. The more testosterone there is, the more oxygen there will be inside the muscles and the better the athletic and athletic performance will be. Thereafter, it is well known that muscle mass is heavier than fat and will burn it. Thus, thanks to this food supplement, you will be able to refine and lose weight for those who want it. Finally, the last thing to remember about the TestRX is that it greatly promotes recovery after sports sessions, which makes it easier for you to follow up and repeat high-intensity efforts.

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Dosage and advice on the use of TestRX

The manufacturers of this pill recommend taking it in two capsules twice. It is possible to take four capsules at once, everything will depend on your eating and sporting habits.

Once you have set a pace, you will be advised to stick to it until the end to avoid changes that are too important and tiring for your body.

The ingredients of TestRX

Several natural ingredients are present in this pill. We will list them for you with their effects on men’s health, and perhaps on your health if you decide to buy it.

First of all, it should be remembered that it is a product made in the United States. The standards are very serious there. The FDA does not authorize all products that want to be marketed. That is why we are convinced by the work done by the manufacturers. All the elements found are natural.


The first ingredient found is ZMA. It is a mixture of vitamin B6, with magnesium aspartate and monomethionine aspartate. This small mixture is very powerful. It is the one that allows a better testosterone level and it would promote growth hormone. The effectiveness of the product would be almost immediate! It is also believed, after consulting this scientific study in English, that ZMA contains one of the substances that promotes recovery after a session of sports and weight training.

Fenugreek seed extract

Its role is important: it reduces the fat mass in the body. It is a plant that grows in India and many Arab countries. In addition to promoting fat loss, it promotes the rise of testosterone in the body. But that’s not all. Scientific studies have shown that sexual performance and libido are significantly improved.

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The third important ingredient will be vitamin D3. It is secreted thanks to the ultraviolet rays that we have with the sun, but in this molecule, with a regular intake over several months, it can improve the testosterone level effectively, by nearly 25%.

Then we have other vitamins, including vitamin K2. It has been designed to effectively stabilize all testosterone levels. It is one of the most important and relevant vitamins you can have, it is this study “More vitamin K2, more testosterone! “who says so. Vitamin K2 plays directly on the testosterone found in the male testicles.

Vitamin B6 is another ingredient of this pill. It will fulfil many essential and decisive functions for the good health of men.


Magnesium is obviously present when we know that it is essential to promote blood circulation in the body and offer excellent physical performance. This food mineral is essential for everyone. When the magnesium level is high in the body, then the libido is better, as is the testosterone level, which increases. A study entitled “The Effects of Magnesium on Athletic Performance” supports this view.


Zinc is there for testosterone, always, but that’s not all. It is also an important nutrient because the body needs it so much to survive. Between us, zinc helps to build self-confidence and thus promote the virility of the beautiful males who reign in France.

D-Aspartic acid

The last ingredient is D-Aspartic acid. This amino acid is there to solve the few problems that men can have in bed with their partners.

Is TestRX effective for weight training?

It is a dietary supplement that provides a better level of testosterone. The latter is essential for strength and endurance. It promotes recovery, which makes it possible to optimize all sports sessions. So it is a very effective product for weight training.

Is TestRX effective for libido?

As the presence of certain ingredients proves, TestRX is perfect for optimized libido and better quality.

Should I take it or not?

The people who need to ask themselves are those who are tired of making efforts and not having visual results. It is not surprising to be confronted with individuals who are affected and depressed. They end up losing complete self-confidence.

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We also talk about guys who have problems having good and long-lasting sexual relations over time. Libido problems can certainly justify the use of this type of natural product.

How should I take TestRX? How long does it work?

The results do not come out overnight. We must wait a minimum of one month and continue to make parallel efforts.

Nutrition is an essential point. If you continue to go to KFC with this type of pill, it is obvious that the results will take a long time to be displayed and to come.

The advantages of TestRX

There are many of them.

  • Strength gain: they allow to have a maximum of strength. These forces are decisive for lifting weights and gaining muscle mass.
  • Reassuring composition: there are no side effects. These are foods that can be found in other dishes, but are not eaten every day.
  • Visible and convincing results: weight loss is high and “before” and “after” photos are frequent on social networks and make many men dream.

The disadvantages of TestRX

  • Not available in pharmacies: it is only available on the official website.
  • Delivery times: since everything starts from the USA, delivery times remain quite long….

Where to buy TestRX?

The only possible solution is to make the purchase on the official website which is only available in English.

Delivery of TestRX products

Delivery can easily take more than 10 days. The products are shipped from the country of Uncle Sam. Nevertheless, it should be noted that there is a 60-day warranty, which may be practical in the event of dissatisfaction.

Our review on TestRX

It is a very good product. It is powerful, easy to use and meets the needs of many male people who want help to gain strength, endurance and be able to perform in bed.

The fact that the ingredients are all natural helps a lot to attract a new audience that is reluctant to use steroids.

TestRX is recommended without hesitation.

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