Trenbolone Review 2019, Legal Alternative Trenorol by Crazy Bulk

Trenbolone is a steroid that is prohibited for sale. It was not intended for humans. Crazybulk is a company specialized in this type of products to help athletes who practice bodybuilding (bodybuilding, weightlifting, etc.) to achieve their goals more quickly. In this case, it is the trenorol that we will present to you in this article.

Trenorol is a completely legal substitute in the eyes of the authorities and laws that dominate the world. Crazybulk makes a real cardboard box in the United States with these products. Athletes love it because the results are there. It is at this level that the difference is made with other brands that market “alternatives” to trenbolone.

This steroid was once used by… veterinarians. There is no direct link with humans. Is that shocking? A little bit anyway… Their use was strictly reserved for cattle so that they could avoid losing muscle mass and better sell their meat. They injected trenbolone as soon as the animal was going to go to the slaughterhouse.

Some humans thought that the effects would be the same for men. So, it is true that there are men with whom it went perfectly well. Then, there are others who have developed very important and particularly dangerous side effects, such as aggressiveness that was developing (or getting worse, which is worse!), a great drop in libido, high blood pressure or even serious liver damage… It is for these reasons that this steroid is purely and simply prohibited for sale today.

However, there were not only negative effects. As has been said, it promoted muscle mass gain, although it is very visible and prominent. Crazybulk wanted to fix this steroid to answer people who asked for this type of item. That’s when trenorol was born.

Trenorol (Trenbolone): what is it?

It is a food supplement that will recreate the powerful androgenic effects of trenbolone. The latter is a steroid, now banned for sale, which allowed muscle mass to be built up and improved the strength and power of… animals (veterinary use). For humans, it was similar. The muscles swelled and eventually became firmer and of better quality.

This is the type of food supplement that athletes want to take to achieve a very good physical and sporting condition. It also allows a better recovery, and promotes the elimination of fat on the body. It is an interesting and complete complement. We are sure that athletes and bodybuilders often take it as often thanks to its great abilities and results (impressive, it must be said). There are no side effects.

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Trenorol (Trenbolone): what is it for?

This tablet is used for sports purposes to gain muscle. It will act on the muscle tissue and allow it to gain much more nitrogen and promote the construction of proteins.

Thus, it will be able to offer a significant muscle gain and a much better use of fat.

It will promote the production of red blood cells in the blood. This will increase the oxygen supply to the muscles, which will delay the feeling of fatigue that an athlete gets when exercising. By pushing back his limits, the athlete can easily increase the intensity and/or duration of his sports session and guarantee him more optimal results that will gradually approach his objective.

You can use trenorol for many purposes, including having a precise and well-defined appearance. In other words, you will become more muscular, stronger, less fat and better defined: the dream of every self-respecting sports athlete!

Dosage and advice on the use of Trenorol

Several capsules are to be taken every day. According to the manufacturer (and we trust him completely), it is recommended to take 3 capsules per day about three quarters of an hour before starting the workout.

To have good effects on the body and respect the whole body, it is recommended to use these capsules for a minimum period of 2 months. Then at the end of these eight weeks, to prevent the metabolism from getting used to it, a 1.5 week break is required. When it is finished, you can resume the trenorol treatment without any difficulty.

The ingredients of Trenorol

The recipe used for this food supplement is based on natural ingredients with powerful active ingredients that are formidable (but safe). They work very well and are efficient, foolproof.

Beta sitosterol

The first element we’re going to find is beta sitosterol. It is present in large quantities. It is a substance of plant origin and is found in very large quantities in the heart of our beautiful nature. The three plants that supply it mainly are maize, soya and sunflower. Its primary role is to prevent the progression of bad cholesterol, which will prevent it from becoming fixed. But it is not the only one. It is also this element that will affect the testosterone level present in the body, just as it will work on the conservation and synthesis of the body’s muscles.

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Cat’s claw (Peruvian creeper bark)

It is an ingredient that will have several benefits such as blood thinning. It has long been required to fight various diseases, such as the healing of certain wounds on the body, contraception, fever, asthma or rheumatism. This element will be a good stimulant to protect the metabolism and allow the body to be better immune (more information on this American study). He will benefit from all the free testosterone in the body. This ingredient should not be taken in any way. The shared study specifies that a much too high dose of Peruvian creeper bark can force humans to suffer significant abdominal pain and cause several diarrhoea. Crazybulk has taken this into account and offers 100mg, which is very low (man can take up to 250mg) and there will be no side effects.

Nettle leaf extract

Nettle leaf extract is rich in minerals, with calcium and iron abundant inside. It will act as an anti-inflammatory. It is a safe plant that can be consumed every day.


The last main ingredient is pepsin. A small enzyme that is there to encourage protein digestion and improve the body’s digestive system.

Should I take it or not?

For people who want good, fast and effective results, yes, it is an ingredient that can be taken without any difficulty.

However, this dietary supplement will not be recommended for people who are affected by sitosterolaemia, santhomatosis, multiple sclerosis or lupus. Due to the presence of the cat’s claw, we will not recommend it, following several medical alerts sent by competent and renowned doctors, to people who have undergone a transplant in their lives.

How should I take Trenorol? How long does it work?

The dosage indicated by the manufacturer must be respected. It was proposed with full knowledge of the facts.

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For the first results, it will take 8 weeks, although not all organisms react in the same way, just as the effort during the cure period will not be the same from one person to another. Each subject will have his or her own results, although the average American using trenorol observes first results around 8 weeks.

The advantages of Trenorol

  • Natural ingredients: this makes it possible to affirm that there are no risks as long as everyone’s health conditions are good. If a disease is present, it is not possible to guarantee the effectiveness of the food supplement.
  • Interesting offers: the prices offered are very interesting with a promotional offer not to be missed, if you buy two boxes, the third can be offered (you should monitor regularly).
  • For more efficiency, a combo is possible: for better efficiency, it is strongly recommended to combine it with other products of the brand. But what is interesting is that there is no risk of feeling dependent!

The disadvantages of Trenorol

  • It is not a product that is recommended when the person has a disease… There may be unintended consequences. It is important to find out about the compatibility of the food supplement with your health.

Where to buy Trenorol?

It is only available on the manufacturer’s official website.

Delivery of Trenorol products

LaPoste delivers these products very quickly, which is a real plus for the consumer.

Our review of Trenorol

Overall, it is not a magical and sensational pill. The ingredients are healthy, but it is strongly recommended to assimilate it with another product of the brand to boost the results and effects.

To facilitate the appearance of these results, it is essential to take into consideration that it is necessary to have an adapted sports training program and a diet that is weighed and studied. The goal is not to have muscles that inflate, but to go well beyond your limits, to go further.

It is not a product that is dangerous to health, no matter how healthy it may be. It is important to be aware that the presence of plants is a qualitative desire on Crazybulk’s part.

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