Vitaros Review (cream) without prescription, information and price

Vitaros (Alprostadilo cream) is a novel and safe treatment for topical erectile dysfunction (ED). With its modern and easy form of use, fast absorption directly at the site of action and few contraindications, it represents an effective and innovative alternative for those who can not use, or are not satisfied with other traditional medicines. Before buying Vitaros, check here all the important information you should know for its use: how it works, how to apply it, what adverse effects can present, who can not use it, what price it has, in what presentation to get it, and many other relevant data you should know.

About Vitaros: Vitaros (Alprostadilo cream) is a topical medication for Erectile Dysfunction in adult men.

What is Vitaros? Vitaros is the brand name of the active ingredient Alprostadil, a cream medicine used to treat sexual performance disorders in adult men, especially erectile dysfunction, in a noninvasive, nonpainful way. Its highly effective mechanism of action and rapid onset, involves activity similar to an existing substance in the penis, which induces dilation of blood vessels and thus, satisfactory erection of the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

Lab: Majorelle.

Method of administration: Vitaros is used directly over the opening of the penis (the urethra). For easy administration, contains an applicator where you insert the amount of cream to use. It should be applied 5 to 10 minutes before sexual activity begins.

Available presentation: Boxes of 4, 8 and 12 sachets of 3 milligrams of Vitaros per gram of cream.

Price per sachet: The price per sachet of cheap Vitaros may vary depending on the amount of sachets per box.

Price of Vitaros per sachet in box of 4 sachets of 3 mg/g: € 38, 5 per sachet.
Price of Vitaros per sachet in box of 8 sachets of 3 mg/g: € 29,6 per sachet.
Price of Vitaros per sachet in box of 12 sachets of 3 mg/g: € 25.8 per sachet.

Start of action: Its effects are achievable 5 to 30 minutes after application. Studies report an average of 10 to 12 minutes to achieve a complete erection.

Duration of action: Its action may last from one to two hours in the body.

Alteration with meals: It has not been reported that the joint application with the ingestion of food affects the absorption of Vitaros in cream.

Side effects: The reported side effects of Vitaros are mostly mild to moderate, and of short duration (less than 60 minutes). The most common are related to the site of application (penis pain, erythema, genital tenderness), and 2% of reported adverse reactions were related to the sexual partner (mild, short-lived vaginal burning).

How does Vitaros work?

The active principle of Vitaros, Alprostadilo, is locally analogous to a substance already existing in the male genital organ called Prostaglandin E1, which binds to receptors in the smooth muscle necessary to dilate blood vessels, with increased blood flow to the penis, and thus achieves an erection.

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Why switch to Vitaros?

Vitaros has proven to be highly effective in several studies, in addition to having a rapid absorption and onset of action. Its application is easy, patients can do it in the comfort and privacy of their home, without the need for invasive methods.

Compared to traditional oral medications to treat erectile dysfunction, Vitaros has very few interactions with other medications, making it safe for patients taking nitrates for cardiovascular conditions. In addition, it is not altered by ingestion of food or alcohol, removing the need to space out copious meals from application and sexual activity.

Unlike other treatments, Vitaros does not need prolonged sexual stimuli to act, which makes it independent of psychological or neurogenic factors of erectile dysfunction to be effective.

How to use and dosage of Vitaros:

Vitaros should be used immediately after urinating. Before inserting the product, the protective layer of the applicator should be removed and the penis stretched to its maximum length, whether seated or standing. Slowly insert the applicator into the hole in the urethra, press up and down to expel the product, and wait 5 seconds after it stops for the remaining product to come out. Even with the penis stretched, if there was cream that could not be introduced, gently apply another application until the entire product has been inserted.

The recommended dose is 300 micrograms of Alprostadil (or 100 grams of cream from the applicator already prepared for monodose) per sexual encounter.

It is not recommended to use more than a single dose of 300 micrograms per 24 hours, nor to use Vitaros more than two or three times a week.

Is Vitaros effective every time it is used?

Because of its direct local action on the blood vessels of the penis, Vitaros is highly effective. In studies conducted, more than 83% of patients reported an improvement in their erections using cheap Vitaros.

Adverse effects that could occur with Vitaros:

The topical action of Vitaros makes its effects limited to the penis in more than 98% of cases, and therefore there is little to no systemic toxicity.

The most frequently reported adverse effects are limited to the genital area, such as: redness, itching, tingling or mild to moderate pain in the penis, skin rash around the application site, swelling of the penis or glans (balanitis); in the couple after sex, slight vaginal itching may occur.

Other adverse reactions reported less frequently, but more serious, are: dizziness, prolonged erection for more than 4 hours, hypotension, tachycardia, inflammation of the urinary tract and discomfort in the urine.

Contraindications: cases in which Vitaros should not be used

  • Hypersensitivity to Alprostadil, or any of the components of the formula.
  • History that may predispose to priapism or painful erections, such as sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma, leukemia.
  • Women and children.
  • Patients with penile implants.
    Patients with anatomical deformities of the penis, such as Peyronie’s disease, angulation, cavernous fibrosis of the penis.
  • History of recent cardiovascular or cerebrovascular diseases, or those with which sexual activity is discouraged.
    Propensity or risk of venous thrombosis or hyperviscosity syndrome (this can produce priapism or erection that lasts more than 4 hours).
  • Patients with a pregnant sexual partner.
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Interactions of the drug Vitaros with other substances:

Although its interactions with other drugs are rare, there are particular cases in which the use of Vitaros is not recommended.

Its effect may be affected by high blood pressure medications, decongestants, and appetite suppressants. If used in conjunction with anticoagulants, the risk of bleeding may be increased. The effect of antihypertensives and vasodilators may be increased.

It should not be used in conjunction with other medications to treat erectile dysfunction. Although they have different mechanisms of action, taking them together could predispose you to serious adverse effects.

Fertility, pregnancy and lactation

It is not known whether Vitaros poses any risk to male fertility.

Not recommended for use in pregnant women, as semen may contain medication that causes vaginal irritation and/or harm to the fetus.

Not recommended for use while breast-feeding.


Overdose with Vitaros could cause hypotension, persistent pain or erection for more than 4 hours in the penis, dizziness, and even permanent damage to erectile function. However, there has been no case of overdose with Vitaros that required extraordinary measures or the use of medications. If you think you used more Vitaros than you should, consult your doctor immediately.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Why should patients consult a doctor before starting treatment for erectile dysfunction for the first time?

All medications to treat erectile dysfunction have risks, contraindications, and warnings that the physician should consider before safely formulating the appropriate treatment for each case.

In the case of vitaros, it must also be taken into account that it must be the doctor who explains the correct form of administration, adjusts the recommended initial dose and assesses the patient’s safety profile with regard to this medicine.

What is the difference between Vitaros and Viagra?

Vitaros and Viagra are drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. However, they are totally different:

  • Vitaros acts with a direct agonist effect of vasodilators in the penis, while Viagra acts in a systemic or general way.
  • Vitaros is applied as a topical cream; Viagra is an oral tablet.
  • Vitaros has fewer interactions with food, alcohol and other drugs, while Viagra has more specifications in this section.
  • Vitaros acts 5-30 minutes after taking it, while Viagra should be taken 30 to 60 minutes before sexual activity to start its effect.
  • Viagra acts only under sexual stimulation, while Vitaros is used on demand independently of external factors.
  • What is the recommended dose to start using Vitaros?
  • The initial recommended dose is the standard application per applicator or pipette of 100 mg of cream (containing 300 micrograms of Alprostadil). However, this dose can be adjusted by the doctor to the patient’s tolerance or need.
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It should not be used more than once every 24 hours, nor more than two to three times per week.

Is there a generic for Vitaros?

Because of its innovative technology, similar treatments exist, but there is still no cheap generic for Vitaros.

Why does the price vary so much?

Laboratories set the price at which products will reach pharmacies, but after this process, establishments are free to set the retail price and decide their profit margin. In addition, due to different factors, buying Vitaros online, buying Vitaros without a prescription or buying Vitaros in a pharmacy may have different prices.

How long does the effect of Vitaros last, and how often can I take it?

The effect of Vitaros lasts one to two hours in the body. It is not recommended to take more than a single dose of 300 micrograms in 24 hours, or use it more than two to three times a week.

Can I drink alcohol while I am using Vitaros?

Yes, you can drink alcohol while using Vitaros. No direct interaction has been demonstrated between drinking alcohol and Vitaros.

Can I use Vitaros at the same time as other medications?

Although it has few interactions with other medications, it is important to consult your doctor to find out if applying Vitaros affects previous treatments.

Vitaros should not be used at the same time as other drugs for erectile dysfunction. It may also interact with high blood pressure treatments and coagulants.

Can Vitaros produce unwanted erections?

Vitaros acts locally, so an erection can only be achieved with the direct application of the medication. No previous sexual stimulation is necessary for the effect of Vitaros.

Do I need a prescription to acquire Vitaros, or can I buy it without it?

Nowadays many online pharmacies offer the possibility to buy cheap Vitaros online, with a digital consultation with the doctor without a prescription or to go to the pharmacy in person. To buy Vitaros in a pharmacy, you need a prescription.

The important thing in any case is to verify that it is a reliable and authorized site to buy cheap Vitaros.

Is Vitaros less expensive online than at the pharmacy?

Buying Vitaros online without a prescription offers the possibility of saving the expense of going to the doctor’s office for the prescription and others, so it may be less expensive, depending on the establishment.

What should I do if Vitaros doesn’t work for me or becomes ineffective over time?

Although it has a high rate of effectiveness and is safe, if Vitaros does not work with repeated use, you should consult your doctor to look for causes and alternatives.

You should never adjust the dose on your own, or take another medication for erectile dysfunction simultaneously, as this could result in overdose or serious adverse effects.