WINSTROL Review 2019, Legal Alternative WINSOL by Crazy Bulk

We are going to talk about a new product called Winsol. It was produced and designed by an American company called crazybulk. Its role is to considerably improve the performance of athletes.

It is not for those people who are looking for muscle mass, but for athletes who want to dry out in order to stimulate all the lean muscles of their bodies as much as possible.

In view of the product sheet, we are entitled to take an interest in this food supplement, but we must be honest: why combine it with another product of the brand? Is it because the reported effects are not always present? This attracts our curiosity.

Winsol is a design that seeks to reproduce the effects of a steroid that is prohibited for sale, called winstrol. This one is composed mainly of stanozol. It is a steroid that was frequently used by athletes and athletes to greatly increase the strength and cut patterns of the body. But it is not something you can use to build muscle mass.

Winstrol could be used in two forms: tablets and injections with needles.

In this article, we will discover this new product and look precisely at what it has in store!

WINSOL (WINSTROL): what is it?

Is it a revolutionary product as expected? Winsol is a legal and reliable alternative to the steroid mentioned in the introduction. It is an element that was used by bodybuilders who were looking for specific goals. The goal was to have the perfect body by pushing the limits even further.

With a healthy composition and equipped with several quality and natural ingredients, winsol is supposed to reproduce these effects. But is that really the case? We are wondering. What alerts us most is the highly recommended use of ancillary and complementary products of the same brand.

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However, it is not recommended for building muscle mass.

WINSOL (WINSTROL): what is it for?

The winsol will be used for sports enthusiasts during their period of muscle dryness to focus the work on the lean muscles of the body. The goal of using this food supplement is to obtain a well defined and “perfect” body as crazybulk says.

Moreover, this is an element that is suitable for both men and women, there is no particular contraindication.

Dosage and advice on the use of WINSOL

Crzeybulk, the American company that developed this product, suggests using 3 capsules per day. It is advisable to take them with water, at the time of the most important meal of the day, most certainly lunch. For maximum effects and results, it is recommended to opt for a 2-month course of treatment by taking this tablet. Thereafter, the manufacturer insists on the need to take a break of about 10 days, then restart on a 2-month course of treatment.

The ingredients of WINSOL

All ingredients are natural and important.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl L-Carnitine will be found in large quantities. This element is found a lot in the body, because it is naturally produced by the body. It is an essential part of the energy production it provides. Its role is important in our daily lives. This amino acid will contribute to the formation of ATP, which is the very essence of the energy we have every morning. This document presents the effects of L-Cartinin on humans as demonstrated by scientific studies.

Acetyl L-Carnitine will have a fat-burning effect that many people seek during dry periods. This is an important element in removing this thin layer of fat that can be harmful to some competition results.

Wild yam root

The second ingredient is wild yam root found in other crazybulk products. It is a plant used for its diosgenin content. The latter makes it possible to obtain new substances such as androgen, estrogen and corticosteroid.

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It is also a plant that will act on the person’s hormonal system. We share with you the study conducted by the Americans, which clearly shows that the level of lipids in the blood has dropped.


The third ingredient is deanol. It is also known as dimethylaminoethanol and its diminutive DMAE. This substance is frequently used in the world of cosmetics. It is the substance that promotes the fight against fatigue.

Choline bitartrate

The fourth ingredient is choline bitartrate. It is an element that will play an important role in weight and cholesterol management. It acts effectively on the immune system and nervous system.

Safflower oil

The last important ingredient in this food supplement is safflower oil powder. It will act on cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

Should I take it or not?

People who want to achieve a dry period will use this food correctly if combined with other products of the brand, for more success and efficiency.

However, it is not recommended for everyone. People with epilepsy problems, breastfeeding or pregnant women or children (fortunately!) will not be compatible with L-Carnitine acetyl.

The presence of DMAE is harmful for individuals with bipolar disorder.

Diabetics who participate in these sports activities should check with their doctor to see if the composition is suitable for them or cause health problems.

How should I take WINSOL? How long does it work?

For proper use, the winsol must be taken according to the conditions set by crazybulk.

It is recommended to take it in addition to anvarol, clenbutrol or trenorol which will optimize your results even more. Before buying them all together, you should not hesitate to go to the doctor to get his opinion and make sure that your health allows it.

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A healthy person will see results quite quickly, without fear! After 6 to 8 weeks, the first signals will be noticed.

However, without physical effort or perspiration, no results will appear. It’s not a magic pill, far from it!

The advantages of WINSOL

The benefits are not as numerous as for other products.

  • Natural active ingredients: the risk of side effects is almost non-existent.
  • Crazybulk quality: compliance with standards is very high. To be authorized to market this product in the country and internationally (although its popularity is rather low in Europe), it must comply with all the laws and standards currently in force.

The disadvantages of WINSOL

  • To maximize the chances of success, this food supplement should be taken with other products in the Crazybulk range.

Where to buy WINSOL?

Crazybulk does not offer any products to resellers. If you find any, it is not an official product, and you must be careful. The brand’s official products are only available in their online store.

This prevents counterfeit products from being harmful to the athletes who consume them.

Delivery of WINSOL products

In less than 10 days, the winsol can arrive in the mailbox. It is LaPoste the carrier selected by crazybulk.

Our review of WINSOL

If there is no risk to your health, you can take this food supplement without risk. Overall, with a lot of effort, the results are coming… but they could be increased tenfold if you take complementary products from the crazybulk brand.

There are no side effects as the composition is very healthy. That’s what we appreciate: healthy products to achieve healthy results. That’s the most important thing and what athletes want!

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